About Street Musician's Instrument Sales

So how did this site come to sell handmade Bolivian instruments ?

Since the creation of this blog, Street Musician has spread itself out in many different directions over the last year and being a relatively new blog I still have many great things in mind for it’s future. I guess you could say we haven’t even begun yet.

It was never my original intention to start selling instruments as a way of providing an income for the thousands of hours work that go into creating this site, but as you can imagine, being a musician, selling instruments has always been something I would have loved to get involved with, especially as it perfectly compliments my own career.

Over the last few months however, I have been extremely fortunate in finding myself in the position of having a close family network across the globe who are now able to personally seek out these instruments from genuine artisan sources and under strict regulation and instruction from me, can help provide them for sale to my readers through this blog.

My intention is to provide musicians such as myself with good quality instruments at prices way below that of a shop or manufacturer, as I believe music should come at an affordable price to all those who seek it’s rewards.

At the moment I only have a very limited choice of goods for sale, but if this project becomes successful over the next few months, then the choice and range of instruments I will be able to provide will become much greater and more elaborate as the site expands.

Hopefully we will be able to build a strong ethical business model which will help support the artisanean communities from which these instruments are made and help improve the lives of all those involved in bringing them to you.

This project will also help provide an income for this site and help maintain and improve Street Musician to ensure it’s long term future.

Together, we can help spread the music across the globe.



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