Adobe CS4 Installation Problems

Vista Home Basic – Dreamweaver – Photoshop – Master Collection – Acer Aspire

Error 1603. Fatal Error During Installation.

Many people seem to be having problems installing the new Adobe CS4 products like Dreamweaver, Photoshop and the Master Collection etc. especially on Windows Vista operating systems. I recently encountered the same problem myself and had to crack it. Here’s a quick guide on how to get through the process with no hassles and avoid those dreaded ‘Fatal Error’ messages.

Having used Dreamweaver CS3 for quite some time now with no problems what so ever, I thought it was time to give Dreamweaver CS4 a go and see if it was worth getting an upgrade.


After downloading the trial version from the web site and trying to install it, everything seemed to be going ok until the installation was complete and I was greeted with a big ‘Installation Failed’ message with a fatal error code.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Error 1603. Fatal error during installation.

Adobe Bridge CS4
Error 1603. Fatal error during installation.

Adobe Device Central CS4
Error 1603. Fatal error during installation.

I then spent the next 12 hours trying every method in the book to solve the problem and finally after much swearing, stress, trepidation, and nearly throwing the bloody computer out of the window, I finally cracked it.

Here’s a short summary of the things I tried, failed and then succeeded.

I tried the – turn off the firewall and disconnect from the net fix, I tried the uninstalling all my adobe products fix, tried installing separate programs on the trial installer fix, tried the fix where you don’t install the adobe media player, tried the registry editing fix, and tried the shut down all other programs fix. I also tried the CS4 clean uninstall fix.

None of these methods worked and various combinations of them also failed, but eventually, what I believe cracked it was completely cleaning out previous versions of CS3 and CS4 using the Adobe clean script progs and most obviously of all, turning off the User Account Control in Vista. Whether or not the other previous fixes contributed to the successful install I will never know, the whole process may have worked if I’d deactivated the UAC in the first place, but many people are having troubles even with UAC deactivated, so for anyone experiencing trouble with the install, here is the complete process that worked for me.

1. There is a known problem with the Acer eData Security Management V 3.0 which conflicts with the installation of Dreamweaver and other Adobe products.

Check your version and download the patch from here if you need it. This might solve your problem straight away.

I didn’t need it as mine was an earlier version.


I already had other adobe progs like shockwave player and A.I.R etc installed on my PC when the install finally worked so don’t go mad and delete all your Adobe stuff apart from what I’ve suggested below.

IMPORTANT : Make sure you back your registry up before you do.

In Vista this can be easily done by clicking on the ‘Start ‘ menu in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and typing ‘ regedit ‘ in the start search box.

Then click ‘enter’ and ‘ok’ the permission dialogue box that may appear. You should now be in the Registry Editor.

Click on ‘file’ menu and select’ export. Save this file somewhere you can easily access like your desk top.

If you need to restore your registry, just double click on the file in future.



It seems many PC’s are not up to date with their service packs. Vista users should ensure they have at least Vista service pack 1 installed on their pc’s, unless you have a newer version of Vista that doesn’t need it ?
Search Google for ‘Vista service pack 1’ and see if you need to install it.

Xp users should have Windows Service Pack 3 and greater installed.

Once you’ve got that sorted you can try an install as the service pack issue may solve the problem for some users, or feel free to continue with the process below.

It might be an idea to wipe your temporary files while you are at it. This may help solve a few problems for some of you.


1. Turn off the User account control. (UAC)

Go to Start Menu > Control panel > User Accounts > Turn user account on/off.

Restart if you like or do it later.

2. Download the Adobe CS4 clean script. If you have had other CS3 products installed on your pc previously then also download the CS3 clean script as well.

Actually – I would advise using both the CS3 and CS4 scripts anyway, even if you have never had any CS3 programs installed on your PC. This seems to do the trick for some people.

You can get them both from here.

Make sure you check out the ‘Read Me’.pdf files that come with each of these programs. They will instruct you as to how to correctly execute the scripts. The AdobeCS4CleanReadMe.pdf on the CS4 clean script also requires you to download and run the Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility, which you can get from here.

Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

Run the Windows clean up utility and restart your PC.

Then run Adobe clean up script or scripts.

One of the Adobe clean up scripts (I think it’s CS3), asks if you want to clean to level 1 or 2. I chose level 2, the deepest level.

It then asks you if you want to delete Adobe media player, I chose ‘yes’.

When that’s all done restart the PC.

3. Once you have rebooted the system, disconnect from the internet, turn off your virus protection, switch off your firewall, and shut down all internet browser windows. Turn off or exit all unnecessary programs in the bottom right hand corner program menu.

Acer users should also turn off the Acer empowering technology application. Use the windows task manager to ensure that no programs are running in the back ground.

Note: The trial version files for CS4 products were downloaded originally from the Adobe site. When they were extracted, they were automatically placed in their default location on my desk top. It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference, but just as a precaution and as somebody mentioned it on the net, I left the main Adobe CS4 folder on my desktop as I proceeded with the installations.


You can now try and install the adobe CS4 product if you like, but if it doesn’t work, you must start the whole process again from scratch and then proceed to the next level of editing your registry. My advice would be to leave it and just continue on here with the whole process to make sure to have the best chance of success.

If you’ve tried the install again it doesn’t work, repeat the above steps and move onto the next…


4. Edit your registry.

Make sure you have a reg back up file as explained at the start of this process.

Open your Internet Explorer.

Copy and paste the following code into the address bar (ie. where you normally type www.etc in)


Now click ‘Enter’

You should get something like this show up. It is your user agent value.

Mozilla version(compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/4.0; broadband supplier; SU 3.1; GTB#; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR or some thing similar.

Mine listed quite a few numbers and various values and I wasn’t sure what they meant, but it doesn’t really matter for this process.

Open the registry editor as before.

In Vista click on the ‘Start ‘ menu in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and type ‘ regedit ‘ in the start search box.

Then click ‘enter’ and ‘ok’ the permission dialogue box that may appear. You should now be in the Registry Editor.

Click down the menu and locate the sub keys

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform

When you have navigated to the Post Platform key you may find it populated with a few lines containing various info. Select each line under the name column and delete all the information (delete key) except the Default line as shown below.

Registry Edit Example

If you find your registry like this in the first place (as I did), then just leave it and move on to the next one.

Now do the same with the key below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform

When you’ve finished, just close the registry editor.

Now when you type the line


into your IE address bar as before, you should notice the result is less cluttered and somewhat less messy with fewer numbers and figures etc. than previously.

You can now try and reinstall your CS4 components, make sure again that you have the UAC, firewalls, progs, browsers etc. turned off, and have used the clean scripts.

I already had Shockwave Player, Adobe AIR and Adobe Reader 9.1 installed when I tried again, but I chose to install all the items packaged with the trial any way. This time it worked like a dream.

I hope this works for you.


Thanks to all those hundreds of pages of suggestions posted by forum users and tech heads across the net which helped me solve my issues, I hope this post helps others to get through the same nightmare without too much trouble or time wasting.


Posted 01.04.09


Frequently Asked Help Update 28.07.09

Lastly, I greatly sympathise with those of you out there who are still struggling with any Adobe CS3 or CS4 installation. I’m afraid I can’t help everyone with their situations without having ridiculously detailed step by step information of EVERYTHING you have done so far to solve the problem or by physically taking your computer home and cracking the problem myself.

Troubleshooting is a detailed and complex process and although I’m sure it would be quite possible, it would also be totally impractical for me to troubleshoot readers PC’s by e mail, and unless you live up the road, I can’t take your PC home.

So all I can suggest is that you read and follow the steps in the above post in exact detail, and make sure you incorporate mine and everyone else’s comments below to help you solve your problem. This page was originally in a different format and the comments have been transferred making them a bit awkward to read, but they are still worth checking out as they contain a few other fixes.

If all else fails and you desperately need Adobe CS products, then wipe your PC and start again. If you have a legitimate version of any product, then you should be able to install it again without a problem.

If you have paid for a legitimate version but are encountering problems and for some reason cannot obtain another license, then your only option would be to download the trial versions from the Adobe web site, and then search the internet for a crack or patch to break the licence.


This is however illegal and I would not condone that unless you have already paid for a licensed version.


All I is ask is that if you do manage to solve your installation problem, then please post your fix below in order to help those who follow you. Then give Adobe a kick up the backside for making their progs such a pain in the arse to install.

Thanks to you all.


Posted 28.07.09

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Please post below if you have any other fixes you may think people will find of use.

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works like a charm.
Thanks a million
#1 – gambler – 04/04/2009 – 09:06
No problem !
#2 – Kier – 04/04/2009 – 16:11
I did exactly as you said, I installed the script and I edited my registry. But still no luck. Still the fatal error 1603
#3 – Noo – 04/16/2009 – 05:01
Did you turn off the UAC, use both clean out scripts, uninstall adobe media player, restart the pc, turn off your firewalls, switch off your virus progs, edit the registry, shut down all progs running in the background, then install the cs4. What OS are you using ? If you are using Xp, there is a fix where you need a My Documents folder to be available on the C drive, as some people move them to external drives. Also make sure you have plenty of memory i.e a few gigs left in the drive you are installing the cs4 on. Check you are using your system as an administrator and have full permissions enabled. What progs are you installing, and on what type of PC and OS ?
#4 – Kier – 04/16/2009 – 16:13
I tryded to setup CS4 Trail and did all the things U have suggested.
None works :( Still get the “Seetup can’t continue. Please contact bla bla bla”.
I’ve been bizzy for like more then 26 hours to get this thing started.
I did posted on the Adobe Forum as well: Their comment :” consider a clean install of Your OS”
WTF? Format for a Trail version? Geezes !
I told them that I gonna reconsider buying CS4 (like spending LOTS of Euros” if the Trial setup was giving me allready this much problem.
If U have a alternative solution, I have a willing ear :)
Emphyrio :)
#5 – Emphyrio – 05/22/2009 – 22:29
There is some conflicting file or application on your pc that is messing with the installation. It could even be something left over from a previous program that is no longer installed on you computer as in my ‘Adobe quits on start up post’. Maybe you could try a reg cleaner prog like cc cleaner, and then chk disk and defarg your pc. Just don’t give up. If you find a fix, I’d love to hear it.
#6 – Kier – 05/23/2009 – 02:27
As I am very bizzy on the Net with “Malware slayering”, You can imagine the depht of cleaning I already have done. ;-)
I did Ccleaner, I also did HJT, Combofix, Revo Uninstaller, debugging the registery “by hand”, deleted EVERYTHING related to Adobe or macromedia….
Doesn’t work :-(
I hope to fix this before the trial periode is over :-p
The Adobe Forum discussion :
Emphyrio :)
#7 – Emphyrio – 05/23/2009 – 09:53
The system has beaten me….
I had to do a repair install (lucky I have a Vista DVD).

CS4 works as a charm.

But I also know the cause of the problem: A tiny restant of a earlier download of Adobe. It still was there in the register. So my advise is: When You digg out the registery, don’t forget to search for “.cs4*” ;-)

Emphyrio :-)

#8 – Emphyrio – 05/24/2009 – 18:27
Hi Emphyrio,

Glad to hear you sorted it,

The Cs3 and Cs4 clean out scripts in conjunction with the Microsoft windows clean up utility is supposed to remove all traces of Cs progs. You would expect it to include .cs4* files.
Obviously it isn’t as thorough as it should be.
Thanks for sending us your fix. I’m sure it’ll help others.:-)

#9 – Kier – 05/25/2009 – 01:32
I’m still testing it
THe guide is great man thanks, but wen i downloaded the Windows Installer Setup, and tried to run it, i have an error popping up.

Can’t give u the exact words cuz its in polish but it says about the windows script host,
in a local/temp file.
in ‘error’ it says that i’m not entitled to it, i don’t have the rights to run it, even though im an admin.

It says the source is Microsoft VBScript and that there is an error there.
the code is 800A0046.
maybe u can help me….
Because without this I can’t install it or run the scripts, and that is the only thing I haven’t tried and I really wanna play with Dreamweaver :-D.
C ya

#10 – Illidanek – 05/25/2009 – 02:32
You may be in your administrator account, but did you ‘Install the program as an administrator’. To do so, right-click the setup file (msicuu2.exe) and choose Run as
Administrator. This should do it. If not Google ‘ VBScript 800a0046 Error Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility’ or words to that effect. You should be presented with a fair few options to fix the issue as many others on the net have encountered the same problem. Hope that helps. Give us a shout if you get it sorted.;-)
#11 – Kier – 05/25/2009 – 11:39
Sorry, but this didn’t work for me either. Installed CS4 Master collection on Vista and removed it because Dreamweaver didn’t work. Then tried reinstall. It wouldn’t reinstall. Error 1603 with all components except for Adobe Media player and some other smaller components. Looked everywhere on internet and tried every suggestion including yours in every possible variation. Nothing works. I also tried it on another computer running on Windows XP – same problem ! ! ! Then tried CS3 Master collection – same problem! the problem occurs with a reinstall or with some Adobe products already installed. It has noting to do with firewalls, uac’s, etc. cause it worked perfectly the first time with all of these running. This is a brand new Acer Aspire 7730G laptop with Windows Vista Home premium, just a week old. My specs: Pentium dualcore 2,27 Mhz, 4 GB Ram and 1 terabyte harddisk.

I also let my xp computer compile a log file during the installation and it turns up with the actual cause of the errors: it has something to do with something called a EULA_KEY but I have no idea what it is and what it does. I have spent over 40 hours now trying to get Adobe running and I’m sick of it. I’m getting a Macbook next time.

#12 – Justin – 06/07/2009 – 14:42
Clean Install
They say a clean install of Vista and then CS4 usually works. Might be worth a try if your PC is only a week old.
#13 – Kier – 06/07/2009 – 16:45
works a dream after i used the cs3 cleaner thanks alot mate without this i would have been stranded
#14 – Ishaaq – 06/10/2009 – 18:48
CS3 cleaner
Thanks man, good thing I found your site, I had been trying for almost the whole day. The CS3 script cleaner and worked for me, although I did the regedit (but I don’t know if it had any effect)
#15 – Jonny – 06/14/2009 – 00:27
Giving up this…
So thankful I found your web page.. I run Vista. I have the exact problem but after trying literally EVERY trick mentioned here by yourself and others that commented later – NOTHING worked. Forget Dreamweaver CS4…. Sigh I really needed it too :(
#16 – Alex – 06/25/2009 – 18:27
Thanks so much !!
Hey I just used your CS3 Cleanup Script and it saved my life!

I work at a school and had a student laptop all loaded up on other software and CS4 was the last thing I needed to install before making an image to copy to the other laptops.

I was NOT going to start over and have to install all that software again…

I didn’t even have CS3 on the laptop, but I did have Reader Version 8.0, AIR, Flash, Shockwave, and Adobe Visual Communicator 3.

Now it’s installing fine…

So thanks so much!


#17 – Matt – 06/26/2009 – 14:31
Glad it helped. The CS3 cleaner does seem to help even those with no CS3 products installed. I found I had trouble reinstalling CS3 after initially failing with CS4 so I knew there was something else conflicting with that too. That’s when I decided to use both, with good results. :-D
#18 – Kier – 06/26/2009 – 14:48
Thank you SOOOOOO much!!!! I followed your instructions 1-3 and it worked! I’ve been trying to install this freakin’ software since yesterday and have blown like 10+ hours on it!!!!! Thanks again!! I was almost crying & was yelling at the kids…but all is good now! :-)
#19 – Robin – 07/07/2009 – 21:20
No Problem..
Cheers Robin, it’s nice to know this post is helping to sustain harmony in the household and keep us all from strangling our kids ! :-D
#20 – Kier – 07/08/2009 – 02:00
Thanks – cs4 issue

After three weeks of more than a dozen CS4 failed installations and Adobe tech support recommending even more ways to achieve the same CS4 installation 1603 failure, YOU solved my CS4 1603 installation problem through your insightful CS4 install notes and advice.

Yes (thank you!) I ran CS3 clean up and it solved the problem. I was finally able to install CS4!

Yes – run CS3 clean up AND CS4 clean up even if you had not installed CS3. (Go, figure….)

Thank you, “Guitar Hunter,” again for taking the time to create your CS4 install note. Adobe should be linking to it. It’s infinitely better than their support!

#21 – Tom Mangano – 07/17/2009 – 18:26
#22 – boy_yob – 07/27/2009 – 15:14
Have you run both clean up scripts ? Running the cs3 clean up script as well as the cs4 one seems to solve some users problems even if they haven’t had any previous cs3’s installed. If you have followed all the advise to the letter, and read all the other advise in users comments, then it might be time to do a clean install on vista and go from there. That always seems to work as the last resort.
#23 – Kier – 07/27/2009 – 16:26
Hello, I have an Acer Laptop and I still can’t install cs3! >-(

Please Help!!

#24 – Mokey – 07/28/2009 – 01:16
Forget Cs3, It’s history !
All I can advise you to do is follow the steps above. Personally, I would forget CS3 and go for individual trial versions of CS4 products from Adobe’s download site. Then follow everything above from scratch. Hopefully you should be ok. I had trouble going back to CS3 so I left it behind.:-D
If you can make the original trial versions work, then you know your pc is fine. Then you can update to the paid versions when your trial is up.
#25 – Kier – 07/28/2009 – 01:55
Hi, I did all step as it show on the website I did use both script clean. I did all step.

I did reinstall vista from premium to ultimate..

but it is still not working.

it still show ”alerts! system check the minimum system requirement listed below are needed to run adobe creative suite4 master collection and are not met:

-window XP service pack 3 and greater
-window vista service pack 1 and greater

please upgrade or adjust your system to meet these requirements. ”

What should I do please?

#26 – boy_yob – 07/28/2009 – 08:03
No need to upgrade
Hi Lek

There should not have been any need to up grade Vista from to premium to ultimate.

I have vista home basic and it works fine….

1. Have you totally wiped clean (formatted) your pc and installed it again from scratch ? This normally works as a last resort.
2. Is your version of cs cracked or original ?
3. What programs are you trying to install ?
4. Do you have enough memory left on your hard drives for the install ?
5. Do you have Vista service pack 1 installed on your pc, or do you have a newer version of Vista that doesn’t need it ?
Search Google for ‘Vista service pack 1’ and see if you need to install it.
6.If all else fails, then download the trial versions of each program from adobe one at a time and install them individually on your pc… try and install them on a formatted pc with a new install of vista.
7. Try something like Photoshop cs4 first and work at it till you crack it, then add other progs once you’ve got it sussed.

Hope that helps


#27 – Kier – 07/29/2009 – 03:08
(Email reply)


Thank you very much for your help.

I am follow all your step but you know the problem is topic 5

“5. Do you have vista service pack 1 installed on your pc, or do you have a newer version of vista that doesn’t need it. ?
Search Google for ‘vista service pack 1’ and see if you need to install it.”

I downloaded sevice pack 1 and setup CS4 and it’s work very well.


Thank you thank you very very much……

#28 – boy_yob – 07/29/2009 – 03:20
No worries !
No worries mate, glad you got it fixed !
#29 – Kier – 07/29/2009 – 03:29
Service Pack & .NET Framework
Hello, I have noticed that I do not have .NET Framework 3.5 (XP) installed and I do not have Windows XP Service Pack 3. I have tried to intstall service pack 3 but I needed .NET Framework 3.5 to do so. So, I downloaded .NET Framework 3.5. Then, I started the installation and after a bit, it would say the installation failed. So, I can’t get .NET Framework 3.5 so I can’t get Windows XP Service Pack 3, so I can’t get Adobe CS4!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
#30 – Mokey – 07/31/2009 – 21:10
Fix to fix the fix
It just get’s worse doesn’t it !

Here’s a net framework fix I’ve found on the net, it may work for you…

obviously read it first before you try it.

I would do a google search for ‘can’t install net framework 3.5’ and various other phrases and spend a few minutes searching through the various fixes people have.

It’s just a fact that sometimes you have to fix something, to install something, to fix the thing you were installing that you needed to fix the thing that you were originally trying to install.

I spend my life screwing around with this sort of grief….Just hope the end fix does the job.

And if not… you could always drop your pc off a 12 storey building.

That would solve the problem.
Good luck.


#31 – Kier – 08/01/2009 – 00:57
Keeps Getting Worse…
Alright, first of all, thanks, I got Windows Service Pack installed with that link BUT this doesn’t fix my problem!!! So, I decided to try something else. I have Acer EData Management so I installed the patch. Guess what, another error!! While installing the patch for Edata I get an error: 1628

Seriously!!! So, is there anything I could do??? Please help!!

Also, I really appreciate all the effort you’re putting, thanks..

#32 – Mokey – 08/01/2009 – 09:39
It’s hard to tell people what to do as I do not know your level of experience, and what you have done previously..

I don’t want to teach people to suck eggs, but have you done the basics….

Have you deleted all your temporary files…

Have you used cc cleaner and cleaned your registry……

Have you chk disked and de- fragmented your drive to make sure it is in good working order.

Have you ensured your pc is clean of all viruses etc…

After you have checked all this….

Your best bet to cover any problems you encounter with any issue is use google….



error: 1628 installing Acer EData Management Patch


can’t install acer Acer EData Management Patch error 1628


installation problems Acer EData Management error 1628

stuff like that etc..

and spend your time sifting through other peoples solutions of how they have dealt with stuff….. then when you have exhausted all your options, google something else and try again….

It will take time but generally doing things methodically like this will get you through most troubles on the net.. Millions of people have troubles like this every day and they all go online for answers….

BTW – make sure you do actually need the patch , I found my acer didn’t need it.

Hope that helps..


#33 – Kier – 08/01/2009 – 10:25
OMG IT WORKED!! YOU ARE LIKE A GOD!! THANKS!!! I gave up cs3 cause nothing would work, then I tried out Cs4, did ALL the steps (including ones in comments) turned off firewall blah blah blah and also one more thing. Apparently, cleaning my temp folder helped. This is found by running: %temp% in the run command in the start menu. Well, thanks a bunch man, I’m so happy I stumbled upon this site!!!

Thanks once again,


#34 – Mokey – 08/02/2009 – 04:43
Good Stuff
Glad to help Mokey..Take it easy !
#35 – Kier – 08/02/2009 – 05:26
Thank you!
Your guide is my last hope!
It’s so frustrating and one has to wonder how such a high priced product has such a serious flaw.
Right now I’m running the cs4 and cs3 clean up scripts, will keep you updated.
Thanks again!
#36 – Hicks – 08/14/2009 – 12:09
Thank you mate, thank you so much.
It’s running ;-)
#37 – Hicks – 08/14/2009 – 12:58
Nice one !:-D
#38 – Kier – 08/15/2009 – 13:59
great 1603 fix
finally. a clear comprehensive description of how to repair this problem. i tried everything but i think it was the acer security update and the cs3 deep purge that finally did it for me
#39 – tiller – 09/10/2009 – 09:09

10 comments to Adobe CS4 Installation Problems : Vista : Fatal Errors Including 1603

  • worked!

    It’s working, after all tries i run the cs3 clean script, and finaly i could instal my cs4 flash. thanks dude!

  • No problem ! I’m glad this post helped. Many thanks for your comments.

  • Ben

    Thanks alot!
    I just spent about 6 hours trying to figure out how to do this and nothing worked except that registry thing

  • Richard

    Worked wonderfully, Thank you!!

  • TomMusic

    This is a great tutorial. It has been a very tedious process to resolve the “1603” issue on my machine. I followed your instructions and did a slow process of trying one thing at a time. The “Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility” warns that some programs may have to be reinstalled. That was true in my case. I lost some non Adobe programs but all I had to do was install them again. I ran the CS4 cleanup utility and thought that I was home free because I’ve never had any CS3 software on my Win7 machine. My Adobe installation failed again with the same 1603 error message. I decided to run the CS3 utility and it proved to be the most valuable of all. The installation went perfect. I suggest to everyone to reboot their machine after running the utilities. If you have Win7 always try right-clicking the setup.exe file and then select “Run as Administrator”. After so many years of using Windows I was very accustomed to just double clicking setup.exe to install a new program. With Win7 it helps to “right click”.
    Many thanks to KIER!

  • Excellent, thanks for your comments. It’s funny how people who’ve never used cs3 still have to use the cs3 clean up script eh !…as long as it solves the problem, that’s another one sorted.

  • shadowboxer

    Thanks a lot street musician it worked perfectly. i was so frustrated that i couldnt install photoshop now my problems are solved. you’re a legend mate.

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