Adobe CS4 Applications Unexpectedly Quit On Start Up - Premier Pro

Since posting my guide to installing Adobe CS4 products on Vista, I recently tried to install Adobe Premier Pro CS4 on my laptop and encountered a major problem.

The program installs without a hiccup and everything seems normal until the application is started.

As the start up splash screen appears, the program loads as normal and about twenty seconds into the start up, the application quits with an error message.

Adobe has detected that the application Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 has unexpectedly quit‘.

I tried many methods to solve the problem including installing the program in numerous different ways, running clean up scripts, uninstalling other Adobe applications etc. to no avail. I even tried re-installing my Premier Pro CS3 and now encountered the same error on start up as with PPCS4. This was never a problem previously, so it must have been something recent that was causing the issue.


The application seemed to load well until it got to the file..

rapture 32le.dll

The splash screen spends a few seconds loading this file and then quits with the error message.

As this file seemed to cause the problem, I ran a search for the file in the start search box on the start menu and found the file resided in…

C:\program files\Cakewalk\Vst plugins\Rapture LE\

The file belongs to the Sonar 7 application I previously had on my PC. I had recently un-installed it to save space on my lap top to ensure I had enough memory spare so as not to cause installation problems with other Adobe CS4 products. These files were left behind by Sonar 7 and were now causing problems with both CS3 and CS4 versions of Premier Pro.

As I no longer use Sonar 7, I erased the problem file and ran the Adobe application again.

Deleting the file solved that particular problem, but when I restarted the application again, another file caused Premier Pro to quit as before giving the same error message.

Another search showed this new problem file also resided in the C:\program files\Cakewalk\ folder. As I no longer use any Cakewalk applications, I erased the whole contents of the file C:\program files\Cakewalk\

Deleting the contents of this folder completely solved the issue and Adobe Premier Pro CS4 now starts without fault.

After checking on line I could see others seem to be having similar problems with different Adobe CS4 products quitting on start up for unknown reasons, and I would suggest identifying and tackling the problem files the applications seem to quit on should help you resolve the issue.

Posted 10.05.09

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2 comments to Adobe CS4 Applications Unexpectedly Quit On Start Up Error

  • kausar

    Thank you in advance because I have been able to resolve problems primier pro Adobe cs 4 of you, where the same problem is Adobe primier pro cs 4 can not be open when in Sart program and after I delete the folder Cakewalk Sonar Adobe primier I’ve been able to open. My question to the audio later if there is no problem, because the Cakewalk folder has been deleted please solution also.


    ACEH, Indonesia

  • kausar

    thank you in advance, you are very helpful where I have been in are confused with incidence Adobe CS4 Applications Quit Unexpectedly On Start Up but for audio is not affected by deleting the folder Cakewalk TSB. please also response


    Oxa Aceh Indonesia

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