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Over the last few years, Aquila strings have taken the world by storm. Their patented composition of Nylgut has changed the ukulele scene forever and their mission to bring the excellent qualities of Nylgut within the reach of almost every uke player on the planet has been an astounding success.

Almost every ukulele produced in factories and workshops around the world now come pre-equipped with Nylgut strings and any uke that does not have these strings installed as standard, simply does not stand much of a chance of competing in the modern market.

Since the early days of Nylgut, Aquila have been consistently striving to achieve even higher standards for their already superb products. With the creation of Super Nylgut, Bionylon (the world’s first eco-friendly string), the awesome Red Series and the mighty Thundergut Bass range to add to their list of achievements, not forgetting the extensive range of real gut strings re-created for players of historical music from the 18th and 19th centuries, millions of string instrument players from across the globe owe a big thank you to the genius of their creator and founder Mimmo Peruffo, with many like me looking forward to see what wonders Aquila will achieve next.

Aquila’s Extensive String Range

Aquila String Range

The success of Nylgut has been nothing short of astounding, however as with all great success stories, a darker side has emerged which now threatens to undo all the great work Aquila have been doing over the last few years.

Counterfeit Nylgut Strings

The unscrupulous world of counterfeit goods knows no boundaries, with almost everything and anything available on the common market coming under fire from fakers, cheats and criminals.

Aquila themselves are now under fire from these very same threats.

Fake Unauthorised Aquila Strings

The problem of counterfeit Nylgut strings has now become so big, Aquila believe that if nothing is done to combat this very soon, it is only a matter of time before the problem reaches epidemic proportions, threatening not only the legacy of Nylgut strings, but the entire ukulele market along with the livelihoods of Aquila’s loyal workers and the future of the company itself.

As good friends and advocates of Aquila Corde Armoniche here at Street Musician, we feel that something needs to be done about this right now, so we are heading a campaign to STAMP OUT FAKE AQUILA STRINGS ONCE AND FOR ALL


Every day we see new online sellers peddling low class, bad quality strings on their eBay listings trying to pass them off as Aquila Nylgut. As sellers of Aquila strings ourselves through our online web store and retail shop, we are constantly having to deal with the fallout from these scam artists, as are many other legitimate Aquila sellers.

Over the past two years we have been inundated with increasing amounts of complaints from consumers about previous purchases they have made from fake sellers posing to be Aquila dealers.

These scam artists are selling what ‘appear’ to be Aquila strings in unmarked bags with yellow cards in such as the pictures you see here.

Unbranded Fake Aquila Strings

We understand with the world’s economy in a fragile state, everybody likes a bargain and many people search the net for good deals, especially when it comes to products we buy often such as instrument strings, but as a musician, blogger and an experienced online seller with a retail store, I’m here to pass on a very important piece of advice.



Aside from the damage it does to the company themselves, here are..

15 Good Reasons You Should Steer Well Clear of Fake Nylgut Strings.

1. Aquila strings sold in unbranded packaging are often low grade nylon strings manufactured by Chinese factories trying to cash in on the ignorance of the public. Any cheap white string can be packaged in clear plastic bags and sold as Nylgut when it is little more than low grade fishing line.

Unbranded Fake Aquila Bad Strings

No Smiles Here

2. Chinese factories often mix genuine Aquila strings with other white strings to maximise their profits. Unbranded packs often contain one or two genuine Nylgut strings mixed in with other lower grade white strings. This tactic is deliberately designed to create the maximum amount of confusion amongst players.

3. Fake Aquila strings do not sound as good as real Aquila Nylgut strings and have hugely inferior musical properties.

4. Genuine Nylgut strings are known to be stretchy at first, but once they settle down Nylgut will stay in tune and bring out the best in your instrument. Fake strings either snap very easily or stretch too much. The inferior elastic properties of fake strings means they will often continue to stretch and stretch, and stretch even more until the material fails.

5. Fake Aquila strings do not last as long as genuine Aquila strings.

6. Unbranded strings are not colour coded, so unless you are a very experienced player, you probably won’t be able to tell which string goes where on your ukulele.

7. Unbranded strings are inadequately packaged and most likely to have been mis-handled and stored incorrectly, this degrades their musical properties and shortens their life span.

8. Genuine Aquila string packs can always be traced back to their factory. Each pack can be identified from it’s date of manufacture and the operative who packed them. This means if you encounter any problems, Aquila or any of their verified sellers will happily trace it’s origin and resolve your issue for you. Problem solved quickly and easily.

Aquila Corde Armoniche

9. Sellers peddling unbranded white strings under the Aquila name are breaching strict copyright laws and are liable to prosecution.

10. Counterfeit goods often fund criminal gangs and other activities, bringing misery and distress to those in other parts of the world.

11. Many fake strings are made in unlicensed factories with substandard working conditions and low pay for those employed by the counterfeit gangs.

12. Fake Aquila strings are a waste of your hard earned cash and do not provide value for money.

13. Fake Aquila strings do not come with guarantees and support provided by Aquila Corde Armoniche and their authorised dealers.

14. Buying Nylgut strings from unauthorised dealers causes untold damage to Aquila Corde Armoniche as a company and jeopardises their ability to continue to research and develop new products to bring to the global market.

..and finally..

15. Aquila stopped producing unpackaged Nylgut ukulele strings for factory ukulele production almost a year ago, and now only distribute genuine branded, barcoded and packaged Nylgut strings to their authorised dealers.




So for the reasons we’ve mentioned above and many more besides, if you are thinking of buying Aquila strings for your ukulele or any other instrument form their range, please do yourself, Aquila and the entire music industry a favour and do not buy strings from anyone on eBay, Chinese wholesale sites, private web sites, dodgy music shops or anywhere else selling unpackaged Aquila strings in plastic packages.

The best way you can help is to only support genuine music shops and especially your bricks and mortar stores in your high street. Whether online or offline, make sure you only purchase Aquila strings from genuine Aquila dealers offering branded and barcoded packs and help us put a stop to the fakers and cheaters undermining our society.

Now here’s the good bit, if you fancy winning a fantastic prize from Aquila themselves, check out our ‘Street Musician – Shame the Fakes’ competition below and get commenting.

Aquila Corde Armoniche

Aquila Competition

Shame the Fake Strings and Win a Prize.

Have you had a bad experience with FAKE Aquila strings ? We’d love you to tell us all about it here.

Check out the comment form below and tell us about your bad experience and what you think of dodgy Aquila strings. Everyone who comments will be entered in our Christmas prize draw to win a load of strings.

We’re giving away five packs of Genuine Aquila Nylgut Ukulele Strings to each of the top five comments we see here. Yep, that’s 25 packs of free strings on offer.

The best five comments (as judged by me) will each receive 5 free genuine packs of Aquila Nylgut strings for your ukulele. Winners are welcome to pick from 4U Sopranos, 7U Concerts, 10U Tenors, 21U Baritones or you can mix and match.

The good news is we ship worldwide so everyone on the planet can enter.

Our competition is open until the 24th of December when we’ll announce the winners on this page.. This means five of you are going to have a stringing great Christmas.

Competition Winners

OK We’re back from our New Year break and by now all our winners should have received their free strings to see them strumming well into 2016. As a New Year bonus and because we had just 6 entries in all for the 5 prizes, we decided to keep with the festive spirit and make everyone winners, so thanks to Mike, Matt, Stephen, Ali, Juno and JC who’ve all had their choice of 5 packs of Aquila ukulele strings sent out over the New Year.

Thanks to all you guys for taking part and keep an eye out for more competitions coming this way soon on Street Musician.

Have a great 2016 and keep strumming those ukes.


p.s We still hate fake Aquila strings so feel free to keep commenting and tell us your thoughts on those nasty fakes.

Simply start your comment with .. ‘I hate fake Nylgut strings because…’

As usual, I’ll kick the competition off..

Aquila Corde Armoniche

15 comments to Aquila – The Fantastic & The Fakes

  • I hate fake Nylgut strings because… they sound so bad, they suck the life out of my Uke and make me play like a jerk :-)

  • JjC

    fake strings are bad man! worse than justin Beiber. Send me some good ones so i can play some cool tunes on my uke!!

  • Juno

    Thank you for informing me of this problem.I have seen these on EBAY and question if they are real for the price.I have real aquila strings from my ukelele and will not buy these.Thank you

  • Thanks Juno, if you see Aquila strings at a ridiculously cheap price on any site, they’ll definitely be fakes. If it seems too good to be true, then it usually is. Cheers

  • I hate fake strings- as I bought 10 sets of white aquila strings off ********* (removed – Kier) which did not arrive. Contacted the seller who said they sent more which did not arrive also.
    Waste of my time
    Can I have some of these please:-D

  • Hi Stephen, sorry to hear you lost out. Don’t worry, so far you’re in the top three so it looks like you’re in the running for some free strings. Thanks for all your comments guys… Keep em coming.

  • ali

    hi i had some white strings of ebay and they were ok but not as good as aquila. i would like to try the red series aquila but are thye being fakes to?

  • Hi Ali, Thanks for your comment. Red Series Strings have a complex composition and I imagine would be very difficult and expensive to fake so I doubt many would bother. Thankfully I’ve not heard of any instances of this happening yet. Cheers

  • Shame the Fakes and Win Free Strings – Only ten days to go till Christmas and we are giving away 25 packs of free Aquila strings to the top 5 comments on this page. K

  • Matt

    :) :) 😉

  • Michael.h

    I hate fake Nylgut strings because of the fakeness to much of it in the world

  • Matt



    I hate fake Nylgut strings because… I realize it takes quite a bit of time for you to make them and for all that time people are
    frigin A-holes and think they can get away with ripping off people. And also because I hate Fake Stuff and fake people…
    So keep on doin what your doin and making awesome strings for us all!!!! And Lastly because I love your strings so much and obviously they don’t

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid the competition has ended now, however as it was such a good one I’m sending you a free pack anyway. I’ll be in touch shortly.



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