It's My Birthday !

The great thing is – I get two of them !

It’s my birthday today and I’ve had a great day. I got a few prezzies, been out for a Mexican and got tickets to see Nine Inch Nails at the O2 in a couple of weeks.

But the best thing about my birthday, is I get two of them.

Why is that I hear you ask, surely only the Queen has two birthdays ?

I was born many years ago in Rhodesia in Africa, and as you can imagine things out there in those days were pretty lax.

When I was born, it was a few weeks before my parents had to fill out my birth certificate so they had to think back to work out which day I was born on.

My mom passed away when I was two and I was brought up (or rather dragged up) by my dad, who was never a stickler for details.

We came over to England when I was 5 or 6 and for the first 15 or so years of my youth I always celebrated my birthday on the 29th of June. According to my dad, that was the day I was born. I was always pretty happy with that number, it’s got a good ring to it and suited me fine.

I can remember sometime in my early teens, for some reason I had to get hold of my birth certificate to get I.D for a passport or something similar.

I’d never seen my birth certificate before and never had any reason to ask him to pull it out until then.

When my dad finally retrieved it from his old files, I took one look at the date of birth on the certificate, and guess what it said… the 28th of June.

I was like…’What on earth is this ? How come this says I was born on the 28th of June, I thought it was supposed to be the 29th’.

‘Yeah, that was it.. 28th or the 29th…something like that..’ he said.

I couldn’t believe it….I said ‘Well what was it, the 28th or the 29th ? I’ve been celebrating my birthday on the 29th of June for the past 15 years and now you’re telling me it’s actually the 28th’.

‘Well’ he said ‘We didn’t fill out the birth certificate until a few weeks after you were born so we had to work backwards and figure out what date it was…it turned out to be one of those’.

‘So…’ I said, ‘Well which one was it…the 28th or the 29th ?’

‘Yeah, I think it was the 28th’ he said.

I was like..’So why have you been telling me it’s 29th all these years ?’.

‘’s near enough isn’t it’ said my dad, shrugging his shoulders.


So that was it, but I couldn’t really change my birthday to the 28th after all these years of celebrating it on the 29th. As far as I’m concerned my birthday is on the 29th, it always has been and that’s the day it feels like my birthday.

But knowing the 28th is actually my real birthday, I couldn’t now go through the whole day knowing and ignoring it until my fake birthday the next day, it would drive me nuts. I also couldn’t celebrate it the day before on the 28th and ignore the 29th of June which I’ve been happy with for years.

So I have no alternative choice but to celebrate my birthday on both days, just to make sure I don’t miss it.

It’s a great thing really. I get two days of partying and celebrations and everyone’s got to be nice to me for two days instead of one. I’ve also got double the chance of my birthday landing on a weekend.

What could be better. So at the end of the day, I can thank my dad for having two birthdays. I’m pretty sure if my mum was still around she would have slapped him over the head for getting it wrong, but you know what blokes are like for remembering details. I’d also be stuck with only one birthday…which would be pretty boring wouldn’t it ?

So that’s it.. Happy Birthday to me, for yesterday and today.


Last year was a particularly special birthday. I got a personally recorded video message from the one and only Bear Grylls.

Yep, the real Bear Grylls. The one who sleeps in deer carcasses, eats live frogs, drinks elephant dung and battles his way through the deepest most inhospitable places on earth with nothing but a pen knife and a bottle of p***.

Bear Meets Camel

Bear Drinks Elephant Poo

Bear Grylls is a true real life hero… if you’ve ever seen his shows before, some of the things he does are just incredible. You will find him on the Discovery Channel with Born Survivor and Man vs. Wild. He’s in the Guinness Book of Records for the youngest person ever to climb everest at 23 years old. That was after breaking his back in 3 places in a parachuting accident while serving in the SAS and enduring months of painstaking rehabilitation.

Apart from breaking more records for climbing ridiculously dangerous mountain ranges, leading teams across the North Atlantic Arctic Ocean in an inflatable boat, being the first person to fly a para-glider over Everest, becoming a best selling author, TV star and raising millions for charity, he’s just an all round great guy, who’s even got time stop for a minute while filming and record a birthday message for me.

I was well pleased when I got it, and still am. If I ever need a bit of motivation to lift my spirits, I just click the message and it immediately brings a smile to my face.

It’s only ten seconds long but really cool. He says, ‘Hi Malli… It’s Bear here…just saying Happy Birthday, and you go for it you champion !’.

What more could you want. I’d love to put it on line for everyone to see but as it’s a personal thing, I didn’t think it would be fair. Someone would probably end up ripping it off and defacing it or plastering it all over the net or something… so here’s a couple of pictures of the vid on my desktop just to prove I’m not making it up.

Bear's Birthday Message

Bear's Birthday Message

I just want to say thanks to Bear for my message and that it really makes my day every time I watch it. It was a real stroke of luck to get it as one of my friends just happens to know his camera man, and as she knows I’m a great fan of his, she asked him if it would be possible to get me a birthday message. They all sorted it out for me as a birthday surprise.

I really want to thank Lorraine for arranging it and to say a special thanks to Bear’s camera man for getting it sorted. I’ll never forget it.

Thanks a lot !

Anyway that’s enough about me, there’s loads of birthdays out there we need to celebrate.

It was Guitar Noize’s birthday last week, it’s my Mrs. next week and my blog’s birthday is coming up pretty soon. Still got to work that one out yet, better not get the wrong date.

From now on, this page is going to be for celebrating everyone’s birthdays, so if you’ve got one coming up or you know of anyone else’s birthday you’d like to mention, or you just want to say Happy Birthday to someone…post a message in the comments below and give them a birthday shout.


Here’s a video a friend sent me yesterday.

Have a great day, or two as the case may be !



Posted 29/06/09



happy Birthday
Happy double birthday. Just like the queen
#1 – Ian Gadsby – 07/06/2009 – 15:44
Cheers !
Cheers Ian.. Nice one !:-D
#2 – Kier – 07/06/2009 – 17:53
Happy Birthday !
It’s my Mrs. birthday today ! Off to London for the day… Happy Birthday babe xxx
#3 – Kier – 07/09/2009 – 01:55
Street Musician’s Birthday
Happy Birthday Blog ! Street Musician and the Top 100 is officially one year old this week on the 15th July. Better late than never.:-D
Happy Birthday Street !:-P
#4 – Kier – 07/17/2009 – 18:11

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