Busking Stuff

Why Go Busking ?

Advice on busking, the pro’s and cons, what to expect and people’s misconceptions about buskers.

Busking Earnings

How much can you expect to earn busking. Good days, bad days, seasonal differences and expenses.

Busking Permits and Permission

Obtaining busking permits and getting permission to play in public places.

Busking Equipment

Things you’ll need to take busking. Amps and extras.

Capos : Why Every Busker Should Have One

If you are thinking of becoming a busker, you better get one of these.

Getting Hassled When You’re Out Busking

It’s not all fun. Expect to get some unwanted attention every now and then.

Famous People Busking

Some of the worlds most famous musicians busking in the streets. Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul McCartney, Newton Faulkner, James Morrison, Tom Jones, Travis and loads more.

How to Learn Complex Song Lyrics

Learn the lyrics to any song, no matter how complex, with minimum effort.

World Busk

Take part in the biggest busk the world has ever seen. A world record attempt by the charity Musequality.

World Busk Update

See how we got on with the Musequality World Busk.

Street Musician’s Busking Pot

All the weird and wonderful things people give me when I’m out busking.

Busking Power

There are many different ways of providing power for your outdoor busking. Here are a few options to consider.

Sine Wave Power Inverters

Using inverters to power your busking session. The difference between modified and pure sine wave inverters. How power converters are used and choosing the right inverter for your needs. Worked examples with power rating and efficiency calculations.

Battery Guide

The various types of battery you can use to power your busking rig. The advantages of marine and deep cycle batteries, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, discharge levels, battery life and care.

Battery Calculations

If you decide to use batteries and an inverter to power your gig, here’s my battery power calculation guide.

Connecting Batteries

Powering equipment via batteries often means connecting them together in a battery bank to gain a higher voltage or amp hour rating. Connecting in series and parallel explained.