Happy Halloween

Something strange happened to me on the way to the in laws last night. One minute I was sat there talking to the Mrs, and next thing..

The wife in a bad mood

A couple of asprin later she calmed down a bit.

Headed off to […]

Honeymoon in Cyprus with all the wedding stuff done and dusted, we went on our honeymoon..

to Cyprus.

…took a budget airline. If you’re over 6 ft 3, for Christ’s sake don’t fly Monarch, their planes are hell on Earth.

..and got a wicked room in a 5 star hotel.

Quick Guide to Getting Married

Hey, I got married last month, and I’m happy to say, it was a brilliant day and really couldn’t have gone any better, so here’s a few photos of the big day and a few hints and tips for those of you who have still got your main event to come.

Hangover In Newquay

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s been a serious lack of blogging going on around here over the last month or two, and no, it’s not because I’m still recovering from my stag do, it’s because every year around this time, my life turns into one constant celebration for a few weeks as […]

Stag Do

The owner of this blog is away on his Stag Do.

Oh Shit !

Pray for him.

Weymouth Kite Festival

I just read in the paper that my home town is apparently the 4th most sought after travel destinatinon in the world.

That’s hilarious, Weymouth’s alright, but it’s not quite St. Tropez.

Apparently, the results are based on a travel website that identifies up-and-coming holiday destinations around the world based on […]

A Few Days In The Snow

The last few days has put me back on course for the new year and I’m (almost) back on track with the blogging and practice that I’ve been neglecting for weeks. There’s still a hell of a way to go till we’re back up to scratch but with it being freezing outside and […]

A Great New Year

Welcome back people, it’s 2010 and another great year is upon us.

Firstly I’d like to thank all our faithful readers who’ve been supporting this site over the last 16 months since Street Musician went online and wish all our visitors, new readers and fellow bloggers a great new year and a […]

Happy Christmas

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year !

Happy Christmas !
From Kier & Street Musician

What the Hell’s Going On !

Don’t worry, you’re not not going crazy, Street Musician has changed for the better.

We’ll still be going through a few more changes over the next few days while I get things finished off, but don’t fret, all our old articles, posts and guides are still here – they ‘re just in […]

Birthday : Street Musician & Everyone Else's Birthday Page

The great thing is – I get two of them !

It’s my birthday today and I’ve had a great day. I got a few prezzies, been out for a Mexican and got tickets to see Nine Inch Nails at the O2 in a couple of weeks.

But the […]

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Welcome To Street Musician

Street Musician is brand new and will be constantly growing and changing over the next few months as we continue to expand. Some of our pages are still empty but we do have some great articles on busking, gigging, web design, vocal stuff and the first part of the Street Musician No Nonsense Guide […]