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Here’s a quick post about something I learned form my dentist after I visited him a while ago which might be useful for anyone needing excessive dental treatment or procedures that usually cost a bomb – like crowns, bridges, special teeth whitening treatments or dental veneers.

One thing many singers are paranoid about is the state of their teeth (unless of course you’re referring to guys like Shane MacGowan of the Pogues who’s rotten teeth have been his life long trade mark) and the condition of your teeth and gums can often impact on your self confidence as a performer, especially singers who spend most of their time with their mouth open.

Shane Macgowan

When you’re young, you can drink, smoke and party as much as you like and still keep a perfect set of gnashers, but as you get older the years of abuse eventually start to take their toll and that’s when most people start to think about getting them fixed up.

Shane’s teeth weren’t exactly the perfect set in the first place but he didn’t do his smile any favours by falling over a wall and smashing his teeth in on a pile of bricks whilst on an all day bender in Ireland.

Shane MacGowan

So far my teeth have survived intact and still look alright, so I’ve never really considered engaging in cosmetic dental procedures to brighten my smile, but if I had the cash to waste or perhaps the treatments weren’t so costly, then maybe I would think about it.

Save Money on Dental Work

The good news is, if you do have an expensive problem with your teeth and are willing to travel a few miles to get things done, or you happen to live near one of the sixteen dental colleges around the U.K. then you can get all these sort of treatments at greatly reduced rates by having them done at the dental training schools as part of the training program for final year students.

My dentist was telling me that they do it in many colleges around the U.K and the particular one he was referring to was the Bristol Dental College.

All the treatments are supervised by qualified dentists and cost much less than they would at a private or NHS dentist.

I thought that was a pretty good bit of advice, so in a few years when I’m really looking in a state and need a bit of a lift, I’ll go and get myself a nice set of gold teeth on the cheap.

Gold Teeth
Nice !

Here’s a list of the 16 dental colleges around the U.K

Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry – Queen Mary, University of London
School of Dentistry – Birmingham
Bristol Dental School – Bristol
School of Dentistry, University of Central Lancashire – University of Central Lancashire
Guy’s, King’s & St Thomas’s Dental Institute – King’s College London
Leeds School of Dentistry – Leeds
Liverpool Dental School – Liverpool
Manchester Dental School – Manchester
Newcastle University Dental School – Newcastle
Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry – Exeter
Sheffield School of Clinical Dentistry – Sheffield
University of Aberdeen School of Dentistry – Aberdeen
University of Dundee Dental School – Dundee
Glasgow Dental School – Glasgow
Cardiff University Dental School – Cardiff
Queen’s University Belfast School of Dentistry – Queen’s University Belfast

Give them a call and see what they can do for you.

Incidentally, last year Shane finally got round to having his teeth fixed.

sShane MacGowan

I can’t believe it !

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  • Nicholas

    Hilarious article, and great blog! It’s nice to see that someone is looking out for the health of musicians. Someday I may be in the UK an in need of a good dentist, especially one that specializes in gold teeth!

  • Ha ha – made me smile :) And thank you for the tip about Dental Collages – might give that a go!

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