Save Money with Mail Order Strings

All the guitar shops in my area have shut down. So Instead of travelling miles to the nearest store every week to get new strings, I now buy mine online and in bulk to save a load of cash.

I used to get my D’Addario electric and acoustic strings locally for £5 a set, but with nowhere left to buy them I got stung £9.50 for one pack in a shop out of town.

I thought enough is enough. Time to get organised, go online and get in a good few packs at much cheaper prices.

I just bought 3 sets of the same strings for £12.50 with no P&P charges. Ordered them on Sunday night with standard free delivery and got them through my front door on Tuesday morning. That’s pretty quick for a free delivery.


Cheap Strings

Click your country icon next to the string makes listed below to get your favourite make of strings at good prices. If your local shop is competing at reasonable rates then buy them there and support your community, even if they are a little more pricey.

If like me there are no decent guitar shops near you or the ones that are are taking the mick, then click below for some great deals. If you can’t see your favourite make click the text links at the bottom of the page to see more.

D’Addario Strings

In my opinion D’Addario’s are the best. I use them on both my electric and acoustic guitars. Standard EXL 110’s on my electric and EJ26’s on my electro-acoustic.

Buy in the UK D'addario StringsBuy in the USA

Elixir Strings

Buy in the UK Elixir StringsBuy in the USA

Expensive, but really nice strings if you want to splash out.

Ernie Ball Strings

Buy in the UK Ernie Ball StringsBuy in the USA

Martin Strings

Buy in the UK Martin StringsBuy in the USA

GHS Strings

Buy in the UK GHS StringsBuy in the USA

Rotosound Strings

Buy in the UK Rotosound StringsBuy in the USA

Stagg Strings

Buy in the UK Stagg Strings

Augustine Strings

Buy in the UK Augustine StringsBuy in the USA

Savarez Strings

Savarez Strings Buy in the USA

La Bella Strings

Buy in the UK La Bella StringsBuy in the USA

Adagio Strings

Buy in the UK Adagio Strings

Gibson Strings

Buy in the UK Gibson StringsBuy in the USA

Dunlop Strings

Buy in the UK Dunlop StringsBuy in the USA

Fender Strings

Buy in the UK Fender StringsBuy in the USA

I hope you’ve found some good bargains.

Click here to search for other popular strings from the UK or strings from the USA.

Leave a comment below and let us know which strings you prefer. Your opinions will help others decide which make to choose.

Posted 24.06.09

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