More Chromatic Exercises

Chromatic Scale

Now you’ve got the hang of the first few exercises, here are some more combinations that start with your 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers.

Keep practicing these with your metronome, or on-line metronome and remember to improvise with your own techniques such as string skipping, hammer on’s and pull offs etc. wherever you can, but only do this once you have got the hang of the exercises shown. Don’t run before you can walk. Start with alternate picking and continue as before.

Obviously, I’ve only tabbed the first few bars of each exercise, take them as far up the fret board as you like and back down again.

Chromatic Exercises 8 – 13

Chromatic Exercises 8-13 Page 1

Chromatic Exercises 8-13 Page 2

Chromatic Exercises 14 – 19

Chromatic Exercises 14-19 Page 1

Chromatic Exercises 14-19 Page 2

Chromatic Exercises 20 – 24

Chromatic Exercises 20 - 24

Posted 10.03.09

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