Eddie Van Halen Shredding

Check out the shred master kick some ass on stage (not!)
This cracks me up more every time I watch it.

Ok, before we start receiving any death threats over this one, it is of course a complete fake. I assume it’s completely obvious to most people, but after reading some of the You Tube comments on this vid, it seems a lot of people are actually shocked at how bad Eddie is playing.

It’s one of many hilarious shredding over dub vids that were originally featured on You Tube by artist StSanders, real name Santeri Ojala, a musician from Finland who dubs incredibly bad solos over rock legends’ performances. After hitting over 7 million views, he was kicked off You Tube after complaints from his victims prompted the site to remove his videos, citing performance copyright violations. Although some of these artists including Steve Vai commented his footage was absolutely hilarious, it seems not everyone thought so.

So just to put things right, here’s the actual real video of the live performance from his Les Paul tribute.

That’s more like it.

Posted 03.02.09

1 comment to Eddie Van Halen Shredding

  • That’s too bad that he got booted off the website. I don’t know why people are so serious sometimes. Lighten up a little!! If the musician is getting some extra publicity, then why not right? Not everybody is going to make millions of dollars like EVH Wolfgang so I think we as a society need not take things so seriously.

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