Gigging Stuff

Here’s a few pages with advice and tips about gigging.

How to Progress from Playing at Home to Gigging on Stage

Helpful steps you can take to help you make the transition.

How to Get Gigs

The best ways to get yourself booked.

Preparing For Your Gig

What you’ll need to take.

A Van For Your Band

How do you get your band and equipment to your gigs ?

Good Gigs – Bad Gigs

What to expect from your first few gigs.

Jam Nights

Why all amateur musicians should attend jam nights, dealing with the stress of playing live and what to expect.

Powering Your Gig Outdoors

There are many different ways of providing power for your outdoor gigs when there is no readily available supply. Here are a few options to consider.

Sine Wave Power Inverters

Using inverters to power your gig. The difference between modified and pure sine wave inverters. How power converters are used and choosing the right inverter for your needs. Worked examples with power rating and efficiency calculations.

Battery Guide

The various types of battery you can use to power your set up. The advantages of marine and deep cycle batteries, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, discharge levels, battery life and care.

Battery Calculations

If you decide to use batteries to power your gig, here’s my battery power calculation guide.

Connecting Batteries

Powering equipment via batteries often means connecting them together in a battery bank to gain a higher voltage or amp hour rating. Series and parallel connections explained.