Acoustic Stuff

Strum Like The Pro’s

A guide to strumming the acoustic guitar and how to improve your rhythm playing with the ‘Miss It Theory’.

Guitar Chords Made Easy

What chords to learn first and why. Easy guide to learning loads of the most useful guitar chords with the minimum of hassle.

Conquering Bar (Barre) Chords

How to learn, use, practice and implement bar (barre) chords in your guitar playing.

Chromatic Scale Exercises & Tabs

Chromatic scales play a vital role in building a guitarists speed, co-ordination, agility and finger strength. This section is dedicated to chromatic exercises.

Guitar Vocal Warm Up Scales

Some great exercises for guitarists and vocalists to warm up your fingers and vocals at the same time.

Click below if you want the individual Vocal Warm Up Scale videos and tabs.

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

Guitar Warm Up Exercises

Guitar exercises and practice routines to warm up your fingers and help avoid injury when playing.

The Street Musician – No Nonsense Guides To Music Theory

Easy to understand guides for guitarists who can’t stand learning music theory and hate the technical blurb that comes with it.

Learn how to conquer up to 60 scales across the whole fret board by learning just one minor scale in seven different positions.

Scale Runs

Increase your speed and solidify your knowledge of the minor and major scales to greater levels with these easy scale runs.

Learn to cross the neck from top to bottom, backwards, forwards and diagonally. How to move them around the neck, play them in different keys and switch between major and minor scales.

Click below for the Scale Run Exercise tabs.

Scale Run Tab 1 and Tab 2 ( For Electric)
(Acoustic Versions Coming Soon)

Minor Scale Positions

Choose to learn the minor scale in either 5 or 7 positions. Here we have the scale position diagrams for both methods shown together.

The Pentatonic Minor Scale

The pentatonic minor is one of the most commonly used scales in rock, blues and jazz. It is simply the minor scale with a couple of notes missing. Here we have the 5 scale positions for you to learn. If you have previously conquered the natural minor, then you will already know these positions.


Song Lessons

As promised many moons ago, I’ve now got round to starting our song lessons section where you’re going to learn how to play some really wicked songs. There’s only one at the moment, but loads more to come.

Pink Floyd

Is There Anybody Out There ?

Finger picking lesson, video and tab.


Famous People Guitar Lessons

This new section has some priceless lessons from some of our most famous guitar players and celebrities. We’ll kick it off with John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

John Frusciante – Under The Bridge

This one is mainly for electric guitar but I’ve provided another video showing how he performs the song on an acoustic. It’s slightly more difficult but still playable.


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