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This section deals with just about anything to do with guitars or guitar playing in general.

If you have any questions about guitar playing or anything else guitar related and would like some advice, then drop me a line and I’ll do my best to give you an opinion from a reasonably professional point of view.

As always, anything written here is purely my own opinion and always open to constructive criticism, so if you disagree, then e mail me and I’ll voice your opinion as well.


Guitar Chords Made Easy

What chords to learn first and why. Easy guide to learning loads of the most useful guitar chords with the minimum of hassle.

Conquering Bar (Barre) Chords

How to learn, use, practice and implement bar (barre) chords in your guitar playing.

How to Buy a Guitar

A beginner’s guide to buying the right guitar for you.

The Correct Way To String a Guitar

Most guitarists get it wrong… Here’s how to do it right.


What they are, who needs one, different types and which one to use.

Guitar Practice – How Much Should I Be Doing ?

Achieving your required standard of play.

The Open G Chord Problem

Which G to learn.

Play Your Guitar Standing

Do you stand or sit when you practice ? Maybe you should think about changing the way you play.

Why Learn Scales ?

Just what is the point of learning scales and what is their practical application in music.

Jam Nights

Why all amateur musicians should attend jam nights, dealing with the stress of playing live and what to expect.

Musicians & The Economic Crisis

How has the current economic crisis affected musicians and the guitar industry. Is it all bad or are there some positives to be taken from the credit crunch.

Bar Chords : Thumb Wrap or First Finger Style ?

What’s the best way to finger bar chords. Wrapping your thumb over the top of the neck or using your 1st finger to bar all six strings ?

Whatever You Do – Don’t Stop Playing !

If you want to achieve anything from your guitaring or vocal skills, then whatever you do – don’t stop playing.


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