Happy Halloween

Something strange happened to me on the way to the in laws last night. One minute I was sat there talking to the Mrs, and next thing..

The wife in a bad mood

A couple of asprin later she calmed down a bit.

Headed off to my mates’ party.

It was great but the place was full of weirdos

Get a job !


There was this girl there, I dunno what her problem was but she had one hell of a Grudge

It wasn’t so bad though, she lent me this tape to watch.

These guys wouldn’t shut up all night.

I said Shut Up !

..I think this guy took a fancy to me.

Sorry mate ! Not my type

The place could have done with a bit of a clean

He was half cut

No, I haven’t got a light. Bugger off !

Err…Sorry ! Take my wallet

I’m getting the frak out of here..

..before I get my head kicked in.

See Ya !

Happy Halloween !


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