Health Stuff

Here we will be concentrating on keeping yourself fit and healthy for your music. If you get ill, you can’t perform and you don’t get paid so we’ll have all sorts of stuff on how to prevent injuries, personal nutrition, exercise, back pain and more to keep you in good condition.

The Importance of Vitamins and Minerals

Why we need these vital nutrients on a daily basis and why our bodies are not getting the essential elements we need to stay healthy in everyday life.

Vitamins to Keep You Fit and Healthy

Guide to the best and most essential vitamins, their main functions and food sources to ensure you stay fit and healthy for your music.

Minerals to Keep You in Good Health

Guide to the all the essential minerals our bodies need and their numerous functions. Macro minerals and micro minerals or trace elements explained.

Get Your Teeth Fixed

Here’s how to get expensive dental treatment at greatly reduced rates.