Instruments for Sale

Street Musician is now proud to be able to present to you a small collection of beautifully hand made professional instruments, made by master luthiers from across the world in Bolivia, South America.

It is important to appreciate the difference between the superior quality professional instruments you see here for sale, and the many cheap tourist grade instruments you find for sale in Peruvian market places and on internet sites at much lower prices.

These instruments are not created for the tourist market or intended to be mounted as wall displays or talking pieces, they are made by professional artisan musicians and luthiers and are concert standard instruments that function at a professional level.

If I were to sell the sort of instruments found in a typical tourist market in South America, you would generally pay over the top prices for roughly made substandard pieces unworthy of anything but display. These are the real deal, and I do my best to provide them to you at good prices.

All these instruments come with my Street Musician Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any queries regarding anything you see on this site, feel free to contact me using my contact page or the comment form below.


About Street Musician Instrument Sales

Why I sell them and how I manage to get hold of these pieces.

Classical Guitars

I have two beautiful hand made classical guitars from South America, vetted by UK professionals and am selling them both at great prices. Check them out for a bargain.


What is a charango ? It is South America’s most popular instrument, often known as the super ukulele. Here is a quick insight into the history, music, social role and construction of the Andean favourite. There’s also a ninja playing one.

Charangos for Sale

If you are thinking of buying a professionally crafted handmade charango, then check out my sales page. These charango’s are individually sourced from a wide range of expert luthiers in La Paz and personally selected from hundreds of instruments to be some of the best examples available, at the best prices you’ll find anywhere.

Also featured are our specially priced range, providing you with a first class concert charango at a fraction of the price of our high end lines.

All our instruments carry our usual 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Woodwind Instruments

Quena and Quenacho Andean Flutes. These beautiful examples are professional concert flutes made from Jacaranda and Wayacan woods from the forests of South America and are precision concert tuned.

Flute Care

How to get the best out of your wooden Quena – Quenacho & Traverse (Transverse) flutes. Follow our guide to avoid cracking, split wood and improve your flute’s sound and tonal qualities.

The Street Musician Guarantee

All my instruments are covered by the famous Street Musician Guarantee. Giving you the assurance of 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Postage, Packaging & Insurance

Details of my posting policy. UK and international rates. All Street Musician’s instruments are posted, packed, insured and signed for on delivery to get to you as quickly and safely as possible.

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