Guitar Impossible

Every guitarist knows the only way to achieve real success with the guitar is through sheer grit, determination and thousands of hours of painstaking practice, but if you really can’t be bothered with all that blood, sweat and tears stuff, there is another way you can go about it.

Check this out, here’s Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro by Joe Penna, otherwise known as Mystery Guitar Man. Play play a single note, take one picture every 30 seconds, repeat thousands of times…easy !

Joe Penna is a musician, filmmaker and former medical student from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Over the last two years Joe’s stop motion videos have become world famous and to date Mystery Guitar Man’s You Tube Channel has over 630,000 subscribers and 44 million views.

This guy has got some serious patience, here’s his stop motion version of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee. This one took over 9 hours and 1,600 pictures to complete, you can watch the sun go down in the background.

Apart from making hilarious stop motion guitar vids, Mystery Guitar Man also makes tunes with just about anything his fans suggest, bottles, toothbrushes, rubber bands, phone books, cars… this guy really is nuts.

However, his meteoric rise to fame is not without controversy, but apart form being accused of using a few shady tricks to get his videos noticed and his You Tube account being suspended once or twice, Joe Penn’s videos still continue to attract millions of viewers every month and his bizarre video compilations push the boundaries of internet entertainment as his fans urge him to tackle more bizarre projects every week.

Nevertheless, whatever means MGM used in his early days to get his videos noticed, you can’t deny his skill as a brilliant movie maker. Joe posts new videos twice a week and recently started a new channel, which within a matter of hours became one of the most subscribed channels in Brazil.

Check out his You Tube channel and take a ride through his stop motion video tour below, it’s good fun and if you’ve got nothing better to do, see if you can crack his secret video code.

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