Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There ?

This song from Pink Floyd’s – The Wall, was once described by Roger Waters as a ‘mood piece’ and is the second track on CD 2 of the album. It is an extremely emotional and moving piece of music and the solo classical guitar playing provides us with a great finger picking exercise that uses the thumb and all four fingers to create a brilliant song working from two simple chords of Am and C, and moving from there.

The thumb and index fingers on the right hand provide the melody whilst the other three constantly work to provide the backing to the song. This exercise will really work your middle, ring and little fingers to help them gain strength, control and independence from the rest of your hand.

Start with your left hand in the Am chord position, and move one finger at a time thinking about your next move as your right hand carefully cycles through the picking pattern.

Take your time on this one, it might seem easy to learn, but playing it right and cleanly all the way through will take a hell of a lot of practice. Expect your ring and little fingers to feel really odd at first as they will take a while to get used to their new finger picking roles. It’s not often these two fingers get a work out (unless you play a lot of classical guitar) so expect it to feel weird for some time until they develop greater strength and control.

Take a look at the tab below and here’s the Guitar Pro file, and pdf if you need them.

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Loads more lessons coming soon.

Posted 01.03.09

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