The Red Hot Chili Peppers

These guys are probably one of the best bands in the world. No introduction needed.

Songs from the Albums – Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Californication, By The Way and the video – Live at Slain Castle

I normally try to post videos from loads of different sources but quite a few of these live vids are from Slain Castle. It’s one of the best Chilis DVD’s with amazing performances and excellent sound quality. Go out and buy it.

Choose a song, then click this link to pull up another page and you can surf this site while listening to some great music.


Throw Away Your Television (live)

Parallel Universe

Give It Away




Scar Tissue

By The Way


Under The Bridge

Don’t Forget Me

Can’t Stop

Right on Time (Sox on Cox Performance)

Nuff said !

Thanks to the Chili’s and all the You Tubers for uploading these tunes.

If you like any of the tracks above, go out and buy the albums. I guarantee you’ll be listening to this stuff for the rest of your life.

There’s loads of other wicked tracks I could post, so if you want me to add any more just request them in the comment form below.

Also, if you find any of the above videos not working (after refreshing your browser first), just comment below and I will sort them out.


Posted 13.02.09

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