No Nonsense Guide To Scales

Part 3

Having made it through our no nonsense guides parts 1 and 2, you should now be well on your way and have a firm grip on the first 5 positions of the natural minor scale.

You should see now just why I divide the scale up into 7 easy over lapping parts as opposed to five totally separate sections. It gives you much more of a solid basis to work from providing a stronger connection between the patterns, making them much easier to learn and more fun to move between.

Time for your two last patterns.

These two are really fun patterns to learn because once you get up to here on the fret board, you know you’re almost home. These two are also great for increasing your speed across the strings. Especially pattern 7 as it races up the fret board heading straight back to the original scale positions it stemmed from.

You’ll notice the next step up from pattern 7 is exactly the same as the first position 1 we learned way back down on frets 1 to 5 earlier on in the course. That’s right, you’re almost back to where you started.

Position 6

Practice this till you’re lightning fast across the strings.

G Minor Position 6

and finally…

Position 7

The final pattern. Tuck this one under your belt, and you’re home and dry.

G Minor Position 7


You’ve just mastered all 7 positions of the natural minor scale, (and many others besides, but we’ll get round to that later).

Give yourself a pat on the back because what you have achieved is no mean feat, and you now know more theory than probably 90 % of the guitar playing population of the planet. Knowing all these positions on the fret board will enable you to unlock your skills as a master guitarist and help unleash your true playing abilities like never before.

Now you have done the hard part and have the knowledge resting in your brain, you must practice these scales every day and every night, backwards and forwards, up and down the fret board, across and sideways, and from the bottom of the open strings to the top of the 24 th fret.

Practice this scale until it is not only locked in your head, but burned into your brain cells until you are practically blind and know nothing else.

And in a couple of weeks when you are sick of the sight of it….

Come back for part 4.


Now you’ve got these sussed, in the next few parts we’re going to teach you how to kick some ass, and play just about every scale in the book with no effort what so ever.

Check out part 4.

Darth Vader by The Blind Sniper

to be continued

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Posted 05.10.08
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