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So how did this site come to sell handmade Bolivian instruments ?

Since the creation of this blog, Street Musician has spread itself out in many different directions over the last year and being a relatively new blog I still have many great things in mind for it’s future. I guess […]

About Me

Hi !

My name is Kier and I’m a self taught musician from the UK. I have been playing the guitar on and off for twenty years and a few years ago I decided to quit my job as an electrician to become a full time musician.

I am a solo […]

About Street Musician Web Site

Dedicated to helping you become an all round better musician and guitarist.

Street Musician recently celebrated it’s first birthday in July and over the last few months has gone from strength to strength hitting the Top 20 guitar blogs across the planet after only 9 months on the scene.

The main aim of […]