Vocal Health & Singing Tips. Keeping Your Vocal Chords in Good Condition

It’s a common myth that some people can sing and others can’t.

I’ve heard many people in the past tell me that they’ve never been able to sing or just haven’t got the voice for it. The fact is, unless you have certain health issues or problems with your throat which make […]

Getting Hassled When You’re Out Busking

A couple of weeks back we’d been in Essex visiting family, and after my recent wash out of a charity busk I’d been working on getting my skills up to get out and do some more busking for the coming Summer.

I’d been strumming in the garden and paid a couple of […]

Competitions : Free Entry To Win Great Prizes

Welcome to Street Musician’s new competition section.

Over the next few weeks and months if I get a good response from this sites readers, I’ll be posting a few competitions every now and then to win cash prizes and other various goodies to make your day go with a smile.