How to Care for Your Wooden Quena – Quenacho & Traverse (Transverse) Flute

I sell quite a few Andean flutes here on Street Musician and go to great lengths to make sure my customers get the best quality quena flutes, quenachos and traverse flutes that I can source from the skilled Bolivian luthiers of La Paz, via my family in Boliva.

Each flute I sell […]

Quena & Quenacho Flutes – Professional Andean Woodwind Instruments

Featuring beautiful native South American flutes for sale. The quena and the larger more deeper sounding quenacho.

Quena (Kena) Flute

The quena or kena as it is also known, is a traditional Andean flute used commonly in all areas of traditional Peruvian music. The quena produces an exceptionally beautiful sound and […]