A Van For Your Band

There are loads of amateur musicians out there intent on making a career out of their music sooner or later, but whether you are a solo performer or part of a band, full or part time – all musicians eventually have to get over the problem of transport – ie. getting you and […]

How To Get Yourself Booked For Gigs

There are lots of things you can do to get yourself booked for a gig but by far the best way is to simply walk into a local pub and ask.

It can be quite soul destroying to ask a number of landlords for a gig and then get turned down by […]

Good Gigs Bad Gigs : What to Expect From Your First Few Gigs

What to Expect From Your First Few Gigs

The reception you get from an audience will generally depend on quite a few things. Obviously it matters how good you are but being a great guitarist doesn’t mean you’ll always get a great response. What counts is what sort of music you play, the clientel, […]

Playing At Home To Gigging On Stage

How to Make the Change

If you’re bored with playing at home and want to take your music to a different level and get out there and do some gigs, there are a few steps you can take to bridge the gap without having to throw yourself to lions in one big step.