Programs, Tools & Utilities To Help You Design Your Website

For those of you thinking of designing your own website, apart from using web editing and blogging platforms such as Dreamweaver and WordPress etc.. there are a few other helpful tools and utilities that can help you along the way.

Most web editors, whether free or commercial give you the ability to […]

Web 4 – Getting Help On Line


There are many sites out there dedicated to web site creation, design and troubleshooting, so you should have no trouble finding some form of help to solve your problem.

Millions of web sites are created every year and there is always somebody, somewhere who has encountered the same problems as you and […]

Web 1 : Creating Your Own Website : Design, Content & Time

For all you people out there who are thinking about creating your own web site for what ever reason, there are many web based resources that you can use to help you get up and running.

If you are feeling lazy and couldn’t be bothered to read the next few pages, then […]

Comment Scripts : How To Set Up & Implement On Your Website and Server

Generally, any musician’s web site or blog worth it’s salt, sooner or later will have to add some form or means for the public to communicate it’s views and opinions to the web site’s owner or creators. This is a great way for band members, fans, musical students, other blog owners and whoever […]