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I.G Blog – R.I.P

You will be greatly missed.

 I.G Blog R.I.P

The time has come for I.G Blog to finally leave the Top 100 and head off for the Great Blog in the Sky. (sniff !) The place where all blogs go to spend their final resting years in peace and happiness.

A place where blogs don’t have to worry any more about traffic sources or visitor ratings. A place where bounce ratios don’t exist and every post, even the longest ones only take 5 minutes to write.

Where every one leaves great comments on every post, no matter how rubbish it is and every blog has a PR of 8.

A place where visitors love Google ads and affiliate offers and companies pay big bucks to advertise on even the naffest of blogs. And best of all, a place where random spam generators don’t exist.

One day, we’ll all meet our beloved blogs again – but until that day when we meet again in the Great Blog in the Sky – we bid a final farewell to I.G and wish him the best.

I.G Has now been removed from the Top 100 but his original place at no 3 will not be forgotten and will remain on his tombstone. In a few hours the Top 100 script will run again and I.G will be no more except in our memories and in the comments you place below. Please leave your farewell wishes at the bottom of the page and you never know, if we’re lucky we might even persuade him to come back.

Posted 24.11.08


If you know of any other of your favourite guitar blogs from the Top 100 that have recently passed away, please let me know and we can find a place here to remember them and pay our last respects.


Lest We Forget



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