Useful Links

Here we have our ever growing list of useful sites and links to check out for free practice tools and advice. As you can see, there are only a few at the moment, but I will be adding more links as the site grows, so check back in a while and see what’s new.

Electric and Acoustic Guitar Links

Guitar Chord and Scale Finder
Find any chord or scale instantly.

Guitar Finger Exercise Site
If you need a few quick finger exercises at a moments notice, give this site a try.

Online Metronome
Improve your timing with this online metronome.

Fret Board Note Trainer
Test and improve your skills at identifying notes on the fret board.

Djent Hub
A great new blog featuring articles, reviews and tips to help you master the guitar.
Not sure what Djent is ?  Check this out !


Audio Equipment and Set Up Guides

Professional Audio Basics and User Tips Guide from Yorkville
Great manual with lots of information on audio equipment and set ups. In Pdf form.

Basic P.A Systems Primer from Yorkville
A Basic Manual For the Novice P.A user also in Pdf.

The above two Pdf guides are also available on line at Yorkville’s web site. Click here for the site page.


Guitar and Music Forums

Good guitar forums are huge resources for advice on guitars, playing, equipment, producing music, live sound and production issues and just about everything else.

Harmony Central Musician Community Forums

Ultimate Guitar Community Forums

The Classical Guitar Forum


Vocal, Singing & Performance Links

Singing Success Web Site
Vocal training.


Musician Support Networks

Rock Till You Drop

UK network providing support, encouragment and promotion for musicians, bands and the music industry a local level.


Web Creation, Design and Support Links

Resources For Web Design
Huge array of web design resources and tutorials.

Tek – Tips Support Forum
Good web support forum.

Adobe Support Forums
Good web support for your Adobe products.

W 3 Schools
Web building tutorials.

Mod_Rewrite Forums

If you’re in need of an htaccess mechanic, these guys are the best.

The 100 Most Popular Photoshop Tutorials
Create amazing photoshop effects.
Useful icon generator for web browsers.


Other Useful links

Free Virtual Midi Keyboard
Links to set up a free virtual on screen midi keyboard for your PC.


Health Links

Nutritionist Resource
Useful articles and health tips on nutrition. Find a professional nutritionist near you.


General Links

Here’s a few sites who’ve contacted me for a link swap.


Rock reviews, discussions and more.

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