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Here are some products myself and many singers use on a regular basis to help improve the quality of our vocal performance. Some of products below can be taken immediately before we perform as a standard preparation when we sing or go on stage, others can be used for occaisions when we may be feeling under the whether or have some form of vocal strain or throat problem.

Vocal strain can arise at any time either from to much practice, tiredness, colds and flu, alergies, bad living or incorrect singing technique. If you need a quick fix or a helping hand to get you through that gig then there are some products that will provide temporary relief.

Vocalzone – Throat Pastilles


These pastilles are commonly used by vocalists prior to performing and are good for clearing the throat and helping with vocal problems and congestion. These guys are the original and the best and have been going for years but there are many brands out there that do a similar sort of job. Whether they are as good is a matter of opinion but I know of many singers who swear by these and I use them too.

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Anti-Histamine Tablets

Allergies arising from smoke, pollen, dust, animal hair and hundreds of other air bourne related irritants can seriously affect your performance as a singer and can stop you in your tracks. They are one of the most common recurring problems a singer will face in their every day lives and vary greatly depending on the immediate conditions surrounding the singer. The most common one is hay fever which is generally more prominent in the summer months but you will often find that you can walk into any environment at any time of the year feeling great and all of a sudden your nose starts running, your eyes start streaming and your vocals go down the pan. If you are prone to suffering from such problems get your self some non drowsy tablets to quash the symptoms and take them with you to your performance.

You may find that if you are an amateur singer and are having serious problems with your vocals you may have an alergy you are not aware of which is affecting your progress and performance. Try taking some allergy tablets and see if your performance improves. Nowadays you can get thorough tests to determine exactly which foods and substances you are allergic to and give you an idea of what to avoid. For most of us, a simple antihistamine will do.

Vocal Sprays

You can often find you need a bit of help getting through a performance if you’ve been feeling a bit rough, have a sore throat or are experiencing some form of vocal strain. There are a number of good vocal sprays available to get you through that gig. They can provide temporary relief from your symptoms and give your throat the necessary boost, adding that extra clarity to your voice to help you through the performance.

Here’s a few really good ones for you to try out.

Entertainers Secret Throat Relief Spray

Entertainers Throat Spray

This stuff sounds like a joke but is actually really good. It’s a best seller in the singing comunity and is used by many of the top pro’s such as Jon Bon Jovi , Beyonce, Tom Jones and myself of course. It’s designed to mimick the throats natural lubricants and defenses so you can be pretty sure it will do the job and not cause any ill side effects. It acts as more of a natural acting throat spray as opposed to other stronger sprays on the market.

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Vocal-eze Professional Throat Spray

Vocal-eze Professional Throat Spray

Sting and Joss Stone use this one and I highly recomended it for singers and vocalists. It contains natural ingredients such as echinacea, liqourice root, aloe vera, ginger and is glycerin based. Vocal-eze has a lot of rave reviews and works well.

Vocal-eze Professional Throat SprayBuy in the USA

Clear Voice

Clear Voice Vocal Spray

Clear Voice vocal spray is a great alternative to Vocal-eze and is also glycerin based and contains aloe vera, marjoram, osha root, and tylophora which are all said to have beneficial properties. You will find that those who don’t get on with either of the above will be avid fans of Clear Voice.

Clear Voice Vocal SprayBuy in the USA

There are other sprays on the market but these three are the main players and all work in slightly different ways.

If you regularly use any of these and have an opinion or another favorite, then I’d like to hear from you.

As usual, when I get more time I will add to this list and if you have any good suggestions then drop me a line.


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