Vocal Stuff

Loads of stuff to help get your vocals up to scratch.

Vocal Health & Singing Tips : Keeping Your Vocal Chords in Good Condition

Singing tips and how to keep your vocal chords in good nick.

Vocal Warm Up Techniques

A few basic warm up exercises.

Guitar Vocal Warm Up Scales

Some great exercises for guitarists and vocalists to warm up your fingers and vocals at the same time.

Guitar Vocal Warm Up Tabs

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

Complete Vocal Workout – Speech Level Singing

Complete set of vocal training exercises from the actual founder of the speech level singing method. Unmissable.

How to Learn Complex Song Lyrics

Learn the lyrics to any song, no matter how complex, with minimum effort.

Vocal Products

Things to buy for your vocals.

Vocal Links

Useful sites.