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Here is an amazing set of videos I found on You Tube with virtually the complete set of vocal training exercises from Seth Riggs, the actual founder of the speech level singing method. This guy has taught over 120 grammy award winners including Natalie Cole, Janet Jackson, Sinéad O’Connor, Barbra Streisand, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, John-Mark and Michael Jackson.

Thanks to Seth Riggs and You Tube member HT0WNfemaleSLABryder for posting these videos.

I’m not sure how long they will remain available on YT for so watch and learn from them while you can. He’s the original and probably the best you’ll get !

Speech Level Singing Chapter 1


What is speech level singing, how it works and what you will achieve. The difference between sls and other techniques and the problems you will encounter using alternative singing methods. This video also informs you how to use these exercises properly and how to progress through the course.

Exercise 1.

How to do the lip roll or lip trill and keep a connected tone whilst you sing.

Exercise 2.

How to perform the tongue trill with a demonstration and a practice example for you to try.

Exercise 3.

Lip roll – Similar to exercise 1. but slightly harder with demonstration and advice on how to let go and avoid sliding from one note to another. Example, then your go.

Exercise 4.

Tongue trill – as exercise 2 but slightly harder. Singer demonstration then your turn.

Exercise 5.

Nay, nay, nay’s. How to sing without reaching up into chest voice. Example and your turn as usual.

Exercise 6.

Similar to exercise 5 with wider scale range.

Exercise 7.

Exercises 7 a to 7 e, adding a ‘cry’ tone to your voice. Allowing your voice to thin out to activate the low larynx muscles and de-activate the high larynx muscles. Using ‘Mum, mum, mum’ sounds in your exercises.

Exercise 8.

As exercise 7 but with extended scale range.

Exercise 9.

Imposing your larynx down with vowels. How to avoid ‘splatting’.

Exercise 10.

As exercise 9 with different scale notes.

Exercise 11.

Much larger skips between notes.

Exercise 12.

‘Wee, wee, wee’ sounds from head to chest voice.

Exercise 13.

Chest – head – chest voice with wee’s and gee’s.

Exercise 14.

Squeaky mmm’s and edge sounds.

Exercise 15.

Exercises with ‘squeaky’ edge tones.

Exercise 16.

As 15, but using smoother transitions to keep to speech levels.

Exercise 17.

Reducing air pressure and maintaining the ‘edge’ sound with an even connected tone.

Exercise 18.

Edge exercise with maintained high note.

Exercise 19.

Relax your chords.

Exercise 20.

Crossing into vowel sounds while staying connected. ‘Mmm to ooooo’.

Exercise 21.

High to low to high tone exercise.

Exercise 22.

Concentrate on your own excess body movements while doing these exercises to avoid any external muscles causing strain on your larynx.

Exercise 23.

Crossing vowels without moving mouth position.

Exercise 24.

Same as exercise 23 but with increased number of vowels.

Exercise 25.

Exercise moving gently from head to chest voice.

Exercise 26.

Performing ‘Ahh’ as ‘Uhh’ without spreading, splatting or grabbing the sound.

Exercises 27 and 28.

Working through the demo song ‘Annie Laurie’ at speech level.

Exercises 29 and 30.

Working through the demo song ‘House of the Rising Sun’ at speech level.


These exercises may sound weird and make you look stupid while you practice them, but this is how the professionals do it, and the results you will achieve will be well worth the effort, as long as you stick with it.

You can’t get much better than that for vocal training.

Thanks again to Seth Riggs and HT0WNfemaleSLABryder for posting these videos on the Tube.

If you like these lessons and use them to improve your singing technique, please check out Seth Riggs’ site and buy his original training products for yourself.

Revised 22.03.09

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6 comments to Complete Vocal Workout – Vocal Tuition & Speech Level Singing

  • Jay

    Would you say this is an adequate replacement for Singing Success?

  • It seems to me that SLS and SS are completely interchangeable – unfortunately I have yet to hear from either ‘school’ any exercises which relate to actual singing – one does not sing on single vowel sounds or on carefully controlled vowel merging – the vowel changes come thick and fast. I have read in other posts complaints that while the exercises could be negotiated smoothly it all turned to custard when an actual song was attempted.

  • seth riggs the guy talking on these tapes is who taught brett manning the guy who does singing success. so study these and know
    this is the guy who is the real genius.

  • you may think youre doing the exercises correctly but you may not. that is the first thing. listen i have done these a year and it does apply to real songs. you round things off when you start feeling high notes getting “necky” just try singing a song after doing about the first 15 of these for a week. dont do em all starting out its too much. trust me if you do em exactly you WILL feel the difference. not immediate after doing them though. its later a day or two later. but do these everyday. at least the first 7!!

  • sou ator, bailarino, poeta, cantor,estudo teclado; pois esta metologia de canto considero um presente de Deus a Seth Riggs, que é uma extrema e benéfica revolução para uma grandiosa oportunidade a aqueles que desejam materializar sua voz cantando para fazer o próximo feliz. Já pratico a técnica a mais de dez anos e os resultados me tem sidos excelentes. Milhões de vezes muito obrigado pela oportunidade e que Deus o abençoe e o inspire cada vez mais na Arte da Música. Beijos.
    ..Roughly translated..
    I’m an actor, dancer, poet, singer, keyboard study, because this corner Methodology consider a gift of God to Seth Riggs, who is an extreme and beneficial revolution for a great opportunity for those who wish to materialize your singing voice to the next happy . Already practice the technique over ten years and the results I have excellent solids. Million times thank you for the opportunity and God bless you and inspire more and more in the Art of Music. Kisses.

  • ian heaney

    Wills Hodge should rather stick to blowing his own trumpet but then again,if his knowledge
    on trumpet playing is as little as it is on singing, chances are good that he will be blowing on the wrong side.I have been singing and coaching for more than 40 years and SLS has proved
    to be a wonderful method of solving most vocal problems in speech and singing.Vowels and consonants have been used by all the old masters and great singers of the past.

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