Web Stuff

Here’s some random advice on web issues – including design, domains & hosting, general fixes and general troubleshooting.

Web Design – The Essentials

1 : Creating Your Own Website : Design, Content & Time

2 : The Quickest Way To Learn Web Design With Video Tutorials

3 : Web Site Creation : Software & Tutorials To Use

Which web editors to use, how long does it take, and learning to build a site from scratch.

Problem Solving Online

Get a helping hand from forums and help sites.

Back up Your Files – Right Now

Don’t screw up through laziness. One click can save you a shed load of work if things go wrong.

Programs, Tools & Utilities To Help Design Your Website

A few things you might need to get in to.

Domain Name Purchasing

Essential for your own site.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting 1 – Guide To Free Hosting, Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting

Web Hosting 2 : My Choice & Dealing With Hosting Problems

Getting your site on the net. Free, shared and dedicated hosting explained. Advice on host providers,  packages and dealing with hosting problems.

WordPress Guide – Coming Soon

What is wordpress ?  Installing and configuring a W.P site. Is W.P for you ?

FTP Guide – Coming Soon

Uploading – Getting your files on the net quickly and easily.

Comment Scripts

Which one to use if you’re designing your own site using php and how to install and modify it to suit your web site.

Adobe CS4 Installation Guide

Many people seem to be having problems installing the new Adobe CS4 products like Dreamweaver and Photoshop etc. on Windows Vista operating systems. Here’s how to get through it with no hassles and avoid those dreaded ‘Fatal Error’ messages.

Explorer Has Stopped Working Error Vista

Also associated with ‘Saving Files Shuts Down Photoshop Issue’.

‘Explorer has stopped working’ error solved regarding Flv files in Vista and Photoshop CS4 shut down while saving files fix.

Adobe Applications Unexpectedly Quit On Start Up

Dealing with the error message ‘Adobe has detected that the application Adobe CS4 has unexpectedly quit’ when starting up newly installed Adobe programs.

RSS Feeds

What is an Rss or Atom feed ? Guide on the benefits of RSS and how to use them. News aggregators and feed readers explained.