The Quickest Way to Learn Web Design

Without a doubt, if you haven’t got a real web tutor, the best way of learning how to design a web site from scratch is to use video tutorials.

Choose a decent web design program and buy an instructional video or set of videos that will teach you how to make the most of it

These video’s provide effective one on one style tutorials designed to teach ordinary people with little or no experience in web creation to build a site from the ground up. These extensive tutorials also cater to more experienced coders and web designers covering just about everything you’ll ever need to know about creating a site, from basic structures to full blown dynamic designs.

The beauty of these videos is that what ever tutorials you listen to, no matter how simple or complicated they may be, if you don’t understand the theories or principals the instructor is explaining, you can just rewind the lesson, chapter or sentence and replay it. Over and over again until you understand.

The best thing is that you can load a video onto your laptop or pc and play it while you simultaneously construct your own website, following everything you are being taught in real time. This is absolutely priceless as often, if somebody is trying to explain something new and you are not really paying attention, you can end up staring into space while everything passes over your head and the money you spent on expensive tutoring floats off into space.

With a video tutorial loaded onto your pc, you can simply play a few seconds of the tutorial, pause the vid, swap to your design window, implement what they were saying on the vid, swap back to the tutorial window, press play and continue on with the lesson.

Using video tutorials alongside unfamiliar programs on your pc allows you navigate through the most complex operations with ease. Every time you need to work on your site, if you have forgotten how to achieve something, simply load up your tutorial video, search for the chapter that relates to your needs and refresh your skills. No problem.

Although this method makes learning simple, it still warrants a run through of the instructional vid before you attempt to create your first site. This will give you an idea of how things work in your particular application and put you at ease with your new commitment.

These videos can be very extensive and have many chapters with lots of videos in each chapter. It may mean spending a couple of days simply watching videos before you even start to create your site.

Just remember, a couple of days watching videos now could save you thousands of pounds or dollars in the long term future. It will give you the creative freedom you need to get your own message across to the people you are trying to reach, instead of only getting the message you can afford to pay someone else to get across.

So Which Web Design Programs Should I Use ?

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Posted 20.07.08

2 comments to Web 2 : The Quickest Way To Learn Web Design With Video Tutorials

  • Dreamweaver has been my goto application for a long time. I really do not know what I would do with out it. There were times when I first started off using the application, and I believed it was way too complex. Now I fly around it, and it has grown to be a strong asset in my tool box. Anyway thanks for the write-up.

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