Welcome To Street Musician

Street Musician is brand new and will be constantly growing and changing over the next few months as we continue to expand. Some of our pages are still empty but we do have some great articles on busking, gigging, web design, vocal stuff and the first part of the Street Musician No Nonsense Guide to Music Theory for you to look at, and also our brilliant Top 100 Guitar Blogs which provides a great resource for all you musicians out there to help you find your favourite guitar blogs and improve your skills. If you want to know more about the Top 100 then click here.

Keep those blogs coming in.

Every few days here on Street Musician, we’ll be adding more free lessons, guides and articles. Our acoustic, electric and health sections are empty at the moment but will be up and running in a few days with some great stuff for you.


Don’t be surprised if you find this site changing all the time as we mess about with images, graphics and content. It’ll settle down in a few months when we’re happy with it, but until then – who knows what’s going to happen next.

Stay Tuned !

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  • There are indeed a lot of people who are fond of music. It is great that there are resources such as this that provide useful information regarding the matter. We look forward for more helpful posts from you in the future.

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