Weymouth Kite Festival

I just read in the paper that my home town is apparently the 4th most sought after travel destinatinon in the world.

That’s hilarious, Weymouth’s alright, but it’s not quite St. Tropez.

Apparently, the results are based on a travel website that identifies up-and-coming holiday destinations around the world based on web searches over the last year.

So really, it’s the 4th most ‘searched’ place in the world, which is slightly more believable seeing as we have the Olympics coming here in 2012.

But Weymouth is actually a pretty cool place to live, especially in Summer. There’s always something going on and once the season starts to kick in, you get all sorts of fireworks, festivals and events happening throughout the year.

Cat Kite

Cat Kite

The first fireworks of the season kicked off last Sunday to end the first of the year’s kite festivals that happen in the windy months.

There’s still not many people around but with a kite festival going on a hundred yards up the road and a 5 year old to entertain, you’ve got no choice but to pull out last years kite, head up the beach and join in, even if it’s gale force.

Saturday afternoon was a nightmare, even for a kite festival the winds were seriously bad, with spitting rain, darkening skies and sand hurtling down the beach getting in your face and eyes, there was no chance the kite was going to survive a flight, or even getting it out the bag. It was one of those days where you know your kid’s gonna get carried off to Iceland if you dared fly the thing.

There were still a few displays going on with the hard core kite crew still fighting it out, but even the deck chairs on the front were being pulled in early so unless you were a serious kite nut, for the average Joe it was a right off.

Street Musician 2

Sunday was pretty good, still really windy with the complementary face full of sand watching the displays, but there was some good stuff going on. Loads of weird kites in the air and the pro’s flying multiple stunt kites at once, pulling off synchronised air displays and choreographed routines etc.

It’s bizarre but there is something quite addictive about flying a kite, even if you’re an adult. Just standing there with a crappy £6 kiddies kite, trying in vain to make it do all the wicked things a professional £40 stunt kite will do is quite fun.

It sort of sparks something primeval in you, bringing you back to your childhood. It only takes 5 minutes before your kids get bored with it and start demanding ice cream, but the strange sense of freedom you get in those few minutes when your excuse of ‘getting it ready for your children’ holds out, giving you the chance to fly it without looking sad –  really makes you think, ‘Yeah, man – I’m going to get me one of them things’.

This guy was having fun – not sure whether his kid was !

Here are a few quick shots I took on the phone.

Dark Skies

Weymouth Kite Festival

Big Kites

Big Kites 2

Big Kites 5

Fish & Legs kites

High Kites

Kites & Fairground

Kites & Fairground 2

Loads of Kites

Synchronised Kites

Synchronised displays.

Octopus Kite

Octopus Kite 2

That is one massive kite !

Octopus Kite 3

Lizard Kite

That’s enough of that, the next one’s in September. Gonna get me one of these next time.

Guitar Kite

Guitar Kite Surfing

That’s a real air guitar.

Street Musician 2

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