Win a Genuine Andean Quena Flute

It’s about time I posted another competition here on Street Musician – so this time instead of giving away free beer money, I thought I’d go a bit more upmarket and give away one of these.

Andean Aymara Jacaranda Quena Flute

Aymara Jacaranda Quena Flute

This is a genuine Andean quena flute made of Bolivian Jacaranda wood and is one of my best selling instruments on my Bolivian website.

Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a guitar blog, but I’ve not yet got the cash to start throwing guitars at my viewers, so maybe next year.

These flutes are amazing things and you can’t get any more genuine than this one.

Tribal Mask

Sourced from the hands of the maker ‘Mr Mamani’ himself –  high in the mountains of the Andes, this flute has already travelled over 6,000 miles to get here and could be travelling another few thousand to any one of my readers across the globe who enter this competition.

This flute is one of the best makes you can get and comes with a free woven quena cover of your choice. I’ll post some pics of those in a day or two.

It is worth at least £25 £32 not including shipping costs and that’s from my own web shop, it should be worth a lot more. Many of my customers who buy these Aymara Jacaranda quenas end up coming back for more, and they’ll often also buy one of my Wayacan wood quenas to try out the difference in sounds produced by these wonderful South American hardwoods.

Being a guitarist, I never thought playing one of these would interest me, but once you give it a go you’ll find they are completely addictive. The main challenge is just trying to get a note out of the thing in the first place, never mind the three octaves they produce.

They say the Andean quena is one of the hardest flutes in the world to play and for a beginner you’ll probably find that is completely right. For the first few days you’ll probably spin out a few times and get major head rushes while you struggle to get the angles and air flow to split just right over the mouthpiece, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find it gets easier every time you pick it up and it’s really good fun just to mess about with.

How to Enter

Entering the competition is easy, just use the comment form below to post a few words on why you want one of these Andean quenas, and who ever I judge to have posted the best comment wins.

I’ll be posting the winning entry later this month on 29th June (my birthday in fact), so who ever wins we should both have a great day…or two as in my case.

My last competition only had one entry and that was me, so I got to win my own cash back. Let’s see if we do a bit better this time.

Just so I get a crack at it, incase no one else does – I’ll post my comment first.


Competition Update

After marketing these things at ridiculous knockdown prices for months, I’ve just introduced a long overdue price rise across my entire range of flutes ( can’t keep selling all my stuff for peanuts you know ! ) making this amazing quena even more valuable and an even better prize.

…not only that, but instead of the beautiful woven cover that I was going to include with this prize, I’m now upgrading it to one of my special ‘deluxe’ woven covers, providing extra thickness and added protection for your quena. These deluxe covers have been made especially for Original Artisan by our luthier’s own wife…how cool is that.

…aren’t I good to you ! Eh ?

Birthday Winner Announcement

Right, I was going to announce the winner this afternoon, but I’m being dragged out for a birthday celebration…so the chances are I won’t be in a fit state to judge in a few hours time.

I’m going to keep the competition open till 12 midnight so you can get the last of your entries in and tomorrow when I’ve sobered up a bit, I’ll announce the winner.

Stay tuned cause someone’s going to have a very lucky day.

Happy Birthday people.


Ok…So thanks to everyone who entered and special thanks to Sarssipius from who gave my competition a huge boost by announcing it on his excellent competition site G.A.S. a Gogo. All your comments were so good I couldn’t decide which one deserved to win so I thought I’d choose another method to select the winner.

Check out my vid below to see how I chose the winner, and yes… I am a bad shot and no, I didn’t know the horse – I think it was just hungry…and yes, I did have a birthday hangover.

That crazy horse wouldn’t stop hassling me as I was packing up and was chewing everything in sight, we made friends in the end. I don’t know why but I seem to get hassled just about everywhere I go nowadays. If it’s not buy some nutty tramp, it’s some crazy animal.

So ‘Congratulations’ to our well deserved competition winner Cédric Lechevrel, your Jacaranda quena and deluxe cover will be on it’s way to you as soon as you mail me your shipping address and tell me what colour cover you would like me to send with your flute, red, green or blue.

Fate decided who kept the prize this time but stick around cause there’s going to be loads more competitions to win more cool stuff like this here on Street Musician over the next few months, (if I can afford it that is). If any of you guys or girls who entered the competition would like one of my Andean quenas, just for entering you get %15 of any of my Andean quenas from my shop Original Artisan, just drop me a line and I’ll give you a discount code.

Thanks to everyone who entered, your comments did crack me up and the fact that so many of you entered just made my day.

Take it easy and keep an eye out for more competitions coming soon.



48 comments to Win a Genuine Andean Quena Flute

  • I want one of these Andean quenas so I don’t have to give it away to you lot on my birthday and save myself £30.

  • Xavier

    I want one of these Andean quenas because I love its sound and hope to learn to play one day. After that, either fame and world tours or simply playing on my local streets with friends (by the way, great resources you provide!). Both sound fun!

  • Damn it ! That’s me out of the prize then.

  • stoffel


    Great i finally find you .Waw!!!!!!!!!, What a great and very useful site you have!!
    I play for over 10 years and what i learned and read here,man awesome!!really nice!
    The reason i want to win that flute ,simple, your better than Licklibrary and Jamplay together!

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Yep, flattery always goes down well. So now there’s two entries, this is officially Street Musician’s biggest competition ever. Incredible !

  • Allan

    I don’t really want the flute. Nor do I need the flute. I gotta say, I enjoy the blog. I actually just started reading it. I was looking for some info on inverters to run my pa system.

    So now that I’m here. Rock On! Some good info for the guys and gals startin’ out in the biz. I’m a Canadian Soldier in Belgium who used to be a full time musician and music store manager in Toronto, Ontario.

    I still play gigs, mostly acoustic duos with my wife. The beer still flows when we play which means middle age has been kind. Doin a gig tommorrow.

    Wanna here a real doozey… I’m still using my 110v pa with a voltage converter to 220v. Ouch!… I already blew up a 4 channel head… my own fault… always use a power conditioner… no excuses.

    And if yer a solo artist and want to add an awsome light show, compact and low watts (7watts).. check out the chauvet color palette. I’ve got two of them… boy it make a great wash with patterns.

    Anyways… about yer blog…

    I like it.


  • That’s a comment and a half. Cheers Al.

    Right, I’m gonna start packing for my stag do now, which is a weekend away in Newquay, so any more comments from here on won’t show up till Sunday night, but keep ’em coming in and we’ll see what we’ve got when I get back.

    Take it easy.

  • hello ,
    i am a teenager who loves music and natives i listen to Incas every day their music tends to fascinate me i play 3 inacan flutes already and i wish to ad a quena to my collection of 8 flutes so i may play an accompaniment to alboradas anauua, zizare lucurio and other songs so thankyou

  • Angeliki

    I would like to win the flute to give it as a present to my boyfriend. He is crazy about flutes and he likes exploring new ones. His birthday is coming soon and I’d like to surprise him with one of these Andean quenas. So, will you help a couple get happier? (slightly tacky, I know, but hey, I want that flute! :) )

  • I have bought a lot of instruments to learn playing it by myself and use it in records.
    But I have never tought about buying a flute yet. I’d be very happy to learn to play flute and try to add the very specific sound of this instrument in some my records.

    Have a nice day !

  • Clement

    I want this flute, give it to me !
    Why ? Because it’s my birthday soon , and I want it.
    …. my precious !!!

  • I need this flute because I love south american culture and specifically south american music.

  • This Quena would be great in my next album, I want it!

  • bertram

    I have to make rain fall to grow my corn – the flute is necessary !

  • Hello
    for your birthday I would like to win this beautiful object to record some notes and send them to you so that you can blow your candles in music.
    Saddened for my bad English

  • No problem Daniel, most English people can’t speak English either.

  • Nice Flute! I wonder if i could play the guitar with it! ><

  • Beno

    Hey! It would be awesome to win this flute! A friend of mine bought a flute back from a trip to Bali, and we had so much fun with it! With this Flute, we would probably play as a duet :p

    And Happy Birthday, thanks!

  • CyrilG

    Hi ! I want this Andean Quena Flute to win some coins on playing on streets because I’ve been fired for leaving comments on this blog 😉


  • katerina

    I love flutes and this is a wonderful one and I’ve always dreamt of having it
    katia from greece

  • ania

    I’m more interested in guitars but I’d like this flute as a gift for my friend’s birthday coming soon. I know this will be the best present ever as she wants it badly! Choose me, choose me!

  • Dude I need that flute because I recognize several people here who came from my other website G.A.S. a Gogo haha!!

    Kier I’m glad to see that your competition is doing well… That’s good!! :)

  • Cheers mate, I wondered where all the attention was coming from. You’ve got a great site there by the way. Are you going to give us an English version too so we don’t miss out.

  • Cédric LECHEVREL

    I would like to see if my tomatoes growth better if I play.

    PS : I promise, my wife won’t play…

  • William Matarin

    Hello I’m From FRANCE. Played in Chili Argentina Bolivia perou, this sound il superb. bye

  • Xavier

    Ok, this is getting serious now! I can fake a French accent if that helps, but I’m afraid my birthday is not happening soon :-S !

  • moulinet

    vraiment une tres jolie flute .

  • Cédric LECHEVREL

    Oui, je confirme, une très belle flûte. En plus avec le temps de transport, elle arriverait pour mon anniversaire, le 14 juillet ^^

  • Zul and Hiz Bass

    WWoooooaaaaw. If i have it my music teacher will hit me in the face.

  • I would like to win a Aymara Jacaranda Quena Flute because I have an idea for a world dominating, super selling, multi award winning band that always features a Timed Delay on the Flute Riffs!

    But we need a top class Flute to get started. Not to mention a slightly insane Singer, Bass player, Guitarist, and a Drummer. I’m thinking of adding a Bagpipe player too (that goes through a Distortion Pedal) but that might be overkill? What do you think?

    p.s. Happy Stag and Birfday! :)

  • Sounds good, if you could throw a chicken in there somewhere, I think it might work !

  • Only two days left and my flute prices have all gone up, so this amazing Andean quena is now worth a shed load more…how’s that for a bonus.

    Keep ’em coming in.

  • Rems

    Hey, OMG I want it to compose my personal style of music, it’s a gift of god this thing.

  • Cédric LECHEVREL

    Hi !
    What a good news to start my working day 😀 I can’t see the video at work. So I’ll see it this evening and send you a mail.
    Thank you. We habitually don’t celebrate before the date so happy birthday to you ^^

  • Well Cédric,

    Now you will have to learn playing flute very hard and record a song, to proove that you worth it :-)

  • Cheers Cedric, and to everyone else who commented. They were all great but in the end, I couldn’t choose so fate and the bow decided the winner. Now I’ve got a huge bruise mark on my forearm from the whiplash.

    …was good fun though !

  • Hey congrats Cédric on the win, hope it helps the tomatoes!

    It started life high in the mountains of the Andes, maybe someday people will hear a haunting Flute sound high over the French Alps …

    Glad you survived your birthday hangover Kier!

    p.s. that’s a nice little horsie, you have a new friend

  • It’s the new thing, everyone needs a horse for a mate !

  • He congrats Cédric… I don’t have a clue if you came from GAS a Gogo but if you did it would be cool to let us a message there just to help spread the word about the site 😉

    Kier I’m glad the highlight gave a little boost… :)

  • Yeah, thanks for that Sarssipius, I really appreciate it.

  • Cédric LECHEVREL

    I didn’t remember from where I come. And with the last post of Sarssipius, I regain the web site I have searched for 2 weeks and yes it was from GAS a Gogo I come here ^^

    Thanks to you Sarssipius.

  • Xavier

    Happy belated birthday Kier!

    And well done Cedric. Now we expect pictures of your tomatoes.. if it works I’ll follow suit too!

  • Cheers Xavier. I wonder if it works on melons too ?

  • Cédric LECHEVREL


    I receive the quena today without any breaks. My birthday is tomorrow. It is a nice present :) I never saw this kind of flute before. It’s much more beautifull than the picture^^

    Thank you Kier !

  • That’s great Cedric & Happy Birthday for tomorrow. If you need to know anything about it or are interested in any of my other flutes, give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help.

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow.


  • By the way, he did play to his tomatoes in his greenhouse, and sent me a photo to prove it. Cool

  • Loopen Cash

    Hi. I’d like to know more about this as I am a singer/songwriter with not much emphasis on original stuff out there to-day, but lots of junk music played by people who are getting the gigs.
    I would like to travel in my pick up truck next summer and sell my C’D’s any idea or advice.

    My real name is Paul-Henry Dallaire a la Loopen cash,
    I sing in both official Canadian languages,French and English and I write also in both languages. I also play a d-28 rhythm guitar when I busk.
    Right now i’m in the market to purchase busking equipment.
    You may google me if you wish.
    Thank you.

  • Ashley Wheeler

    I would love to have this instrument because I am about to learn how to play an instrument. I know a lot about this instrument. this will ensure you that your flute will be in good care.I know that you are supposed to return your flute to its case after each use to protect it from the different weather changes. You are also supposed to oil it before you play it for the first time. I would only allow myself to handle this instrument, because it is a really dainty piece that can last quite a long time if cared for properly. Also if I had any problems with it I’m sure that my very experienced band teacher would help me to figure out the best way to take care of it. I am eager to be able to own this particular kind of instrument.

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