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I’ve just registered to take part in the biggest busk the world has ever seen.


The World Busk is a charity event which will raise money for good causes and attempt to break the world record for the biggest simultaneous busk around the world at any one time.

The event is being organised by the charity Musequality, which was founded by David Juritz, an internationally acclaimed violinist and leader of the London Mozart Players who in 2007 embarked on a round the world busk to raise money for charity.

David Juritz busking at the Golden Gate, San Francisco

David Juritz busking at the Golden Gate, San Francisco


Musequality sets up and funds communal music projects for some of the poorest and most disadvantaged children in developing countries around the world and gives them the skills and qualities they need to turn their lives around.

The aim of the charity is not to produce professional musicians but to give vulnerable children the chance to learn skills such as self confidence, problem solving, numeracy, goal setting and to help them build a sense of identity, provide a route out of poverty and give them a chance to escape the risks of drug culture, violence and crime that these children suffer on a daily basis.

The event lasts all week from Monday 8th June to Sunday 14th. To take part in the world busk and raise money for charity you can play anywhere you like and at any time during the whole week. It doesn’t have to be a live performance in the street or in public and you can play in front of family, friends or who ever you choose.

You can register and get more information at and the actual record attempt will take place at 12 noon on Sunday 14th June.


To achieve the world record, each busker must be playing at 12 noon local time and be busking for at least 25 minutes. The idea is to start a little before 12 and finish after 12.30 to ensure the required performance time is completed. I’ll probably play for two or three hours from about 11’o clock onwards to hopefully raise a bit of cash for the cause.

If you check out the World Busk web site, you will find loads of useful stuff including busking tips, information, maps of where registered buskers will be performing, promotional material to download and help publicise your event and there’s an easy way to set up your own donations page in a few clicks at

If you would like to donate a few quid to this cause and help support the world busk, check out my donations page at..

All your support will be greatly appreciated.

I’ll post more on this nearer the event. Until then take a look at the World Busk web site and see if you would like to take part or help out.

If you sign up, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us what you’re up to.

Click here to watch a short video of David busking in different locations around the World.


Click here to see the funds raised from todays busk

Posted 11.05.09

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