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World Busk Fund Raising Totals

Just got back from my Musequality charity busk in town.

I was a bit worried whether I was going to be able to hack it today as I’ve had a cold and a sore throat for a number of days, and after canceling a gig in a local restaurant a few nights ago, thought I might have to bail out of today’s busk as well.

But heroically, with a just cause to will me on and without a moments thought to my own fragile well being, I fought through the searing heat, spluttering cough and scratchy throat for just over two hours before finally calling it a day and completing my world busk.


Town was pretty deserted for the first half of the session as the main focus of the town today was the armed forces celebrations for the War Veteran’s Festival going on all this weekend.

I was half an hour late getting to my busk as I ran into the memorial service taking place on the seafront while heading towards town and my busking spot. With the military bands playing and prayers taking place for the countless lives lost in the wars, it was only right to take a few moments out and join in with the thousands of people watching, praying and taking part in the ceremony.

Vertean's Festival Parade

Verteans Festival Parade

Verteans Festival Parade

Veteran’s March and Remembrance Service

Living where I live, just off the seafront, means we are always smack in the middle of anything that goes on in this town and it’s nice to know that whenever a war commemoration service or D – Day celebrations take place and other events like carnivals and summer fireworks, it’s always happening literally a hundred yards up the road, so it’s easy to join in and you never miss out on much.



Once the main service was over I eventually got to my spot in town, put my posters up and got the busk underway.

Town was pretty dead as most people were still watching the various bands marching up and down the front during the morning’s events. The only cash to come in for the first half hour was the 50p I put in to start with to kick off my busking pot.

With my voice straining and no cash coming in, I thought it was going to be a complete disaster until I was saved by one of my mates in town seeing me and on hearing it was all for charity, stuck in £3.50. I was really pleased with that and it made up for a bad start, but even with strategically placed World Busk ads behind me and moving them around every now and then for better visibility, the fact that the busk was for charity didn’t seem to make as much difference as I’d hoped to the earnings.

It seemed people weren’t really noticing the ads, and as I thanked passers by for their donations and stated that it was all for charity, it was only then they realised it was a charity busk. I think if I had stuck a huge wall of posters behind me or a giant World Busk poster, it might have made a difference and people would have been more aware of the cause. It may not have made a difference to the level of donations but then again who knows. Next year, I think I’ll make a 4 foot sign and stick lights on it, just to make sure.

12 o’ clock came and went and after getting a photo of me busking and a signed witness statement saying I was there and completing the required half an hour for the World Record round the world busk attempt, I got on with the job of getting the public to sling a bit of cash my way.

Once the morning parades had finished on the sea front, town filled up a bit and a few coins started rolling in.

Busking for The Musequality World Busk

I gave it just over two hours, and got some good donations and a few nice comments. I normally busk for about 3 or 4 hours but with a dodgy throat I could see I would really wreck myself if I pushed it any more.

A couple of flyby’s from WW2 Hurricane and Spitfire planes at around 2pm signaled the end of my busk and I packed my stuff and wandered back along the seafront.

The veteran’s festival was in full swing with tanks, armoured vehicles, servicemen and stalls all along the beach and promenade on yet another scorching hot day in sunny Weymouth.

Here’s a few photo’s of things going on.


Tank Crew

War Vehicles on Display

WW2 Vehicle Line Up

Big Guns

Big Guns

It’s all going on in Weymouth over the Summer, we’ve got the Olympics here in 2012 and a couple of days ago the Queen and Prince Philip stopped by to say ‘Hi’.

Here’s couple of photo’s I took on the way past.

The Queen Getting Off the Train

HRH arriving by train and getting in the bomb proof Bently.

The Queen and Prince Phillip

Penny for the busker Ma’am

The Royals Tour Weymouth

I should have hassled her for a few quid aswell.

In fact a few hours later as she left Weymouth after a bit of sight seeing, a boat trip and a wander round the beach, she pulled up about a meter away from my daughter and fiancee at the traffic lights and waved at them as they waited to cross.

Anyway, back to the busk. On the way home, I stopped in on a few of our neighbours in our street and hassled them for a coin or two to stick in my case. As always they were happy to oblige and added a few more coins to the pot.

There’s still a couple of people I’ve yet to collar, and I’ve got to add what we collected to the £10 I’ve got on my donations page, but so far in real cash we made….wait for it…

£ 23.54

…plus £10 from my donations page

That makes £33.54

It’s not bad… better than a kick in the teeth anyway, and hopefully we’ll get a few more pounds over the next couple of days to add to it.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been kind enough to donate to the cause this week and all the buskers who have taken part and done their bit around the world.

I’m not sure if we’ve broken the record for the most simultaneous buskers busking around the world but I’ll let you know the results when I get them in from the World Busk team.

Once again, if anyone feels like adding to the charity busking fund over the next few days, check out my donations page over at or send me an email.

Here’s the Musequality website…take a look at what else they are doing around the world.

Quick Update

Here’s a vid from the British Antarctic Survey team, who did their busk in the middle of antarctica. It didn’t take long for their gear to freeze. Well done guys.

…and here’s a quick summary of how the busk went and some links to more You Tube World Busk vids sent in by other players.


Posted 14.06.09

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3 comments to World Busk Funds Raised- World Record Busking Attempt & Charity Event Total

  • That was very interesting.
    It’s a shame that people seem to perceive Busking as some kind of con, done by rough people. Here in Halifax, West Yorkshire, people vary in their generosity but, the few con artists that do appear, give everyone else a bad name and, it just pleases the pompous snobs to stereotype every Busker with this same brush.
    I’ve never done busking. I do donate to those who do though. I’d like to have a go but, I reckon it’s pretty nerve wrecking and, it’s probably far harder than it looks. I reckon there should be a ‘school for buskers’ to learn the art and, add some credibility to it.
    I heard that Paul McCartney goes Busking in disguise.

  • Thanks Anthony, take a look at the 100 challenge i’ll be posting later on, there maybe a few other musician’s in your area who want to givie it a go.

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