Don’t worry, you’re not not going crazy, Street Musician has changed for the better.

We’ll still be going through a few more changes over the next few days while I get things finished off, but don’t fret, all our old articles, posts and guides are still here – they ‘re just in a different order and look totally different. We’ll sort things out bit by bit and hopefully things will cool down as I get through my blog list.

Things have been going on behind the scenes for a while now and you’ll notice many of the articles here on the new site have been revised, improved and updated to bring the site up to scratch. There’ll be lots more good stuff to come over the next few weeks.

Things are gonna change round here even more, so stick around and see what’s happening. If you notice links not working, funny titles, rss feeds up the duff, messed up graphics and behind the scene blogs…don’t worry…it’s all part of the process.

Thanks for visiting and stick around and see if you can spot anything new.


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